5 Reasons To Be Indie

I - Income. Indie business owners define and generate wealth on their own terms. N - Newsworthy. Indie business owners create "buzz" as they simultaneously pursue their passions, help others and support themselves and their families. D - Destiny. Indie business owners don't rely on traditional means of income to define, create and control their destinies. Often, they are women with … [Read more...]

What? Another Blog?!

I know, I know. It's my third blog. But this time, I hired a blogging consultant, to help me. I listened to my interviews with blogging experts who have been guests on my Indie Business Podcast, including Debbie Weil and Jerry Hart, and read their books. And last but not least, my husband has joined me in business, and his talents as a photographer, videographer and editor are going to be put … [Read more...]