Maker Mastermind Live Recap: November 2016: San Francisco

To register or request Maker Mastermind Live in your city, click here. Masker Mastermind San Francisco was fantastic! Twenty engaged and determined creative entrepreneurs joined together for two days of Masterminding, goal setting and fun. After I delivered a presentation designed to help everyone plan their businesses for long term success, we piled into several cars (thanks Uber!) for … [Read more...]

#IndieTakeover No. 8: Ally Lin of Wonderland Organics

Welcome to #IndieTakeover No. 8! Today, you'll meet an IBN member with a gentle spirit and a product line to match. Her name is Ally Lin, and she is one of the most focused entrepreneurs I know. Her Wonderland Organics product line offers a line of natural skincare products for sensitive skin, and made with fresh and sustainable ingredients. Ally is a marketing associate turned skincare … [Read more...]

#IndieTakeover No. 7: Cindy Jones of Colorado Aromatics

Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 7! Today, you'll meet an IBN member who fills me with inspiration. Her name is Cindy Jones, and she is a pretty amazing entrepreneur with a business that has several exciting income streams. Cindy Jones, Ph.D is a scientist and herbalist, and the founder and owner of Colorado Aromatics in Longmont, Colorado. I am pleased to introduce you to a day in her busy … [Read more...]

#IndieTakeover No. 6: Desiree Doucet at The Creative Cajun

Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 6! One of the best things about my life (or is it my work ... can't tell the difference ...) is that I have the opportunity to serve and become acquainted with people from across this incredible country. I learn from them, I mentor them, I teach them, I admire them. That's what the Indie Business Network is all about. One of the ways we collectively continue this … [Read more...]

#IndieTakeover No. 5: Roberta Perry at Scrubz Body Natural Skin Care

Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 5, the final takeover day in our week-long series. Today's #IndieTakeover guest is Roberta Perry of ScrubzBody™ Natural Skin Care in Bethpage, NY. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is a fun new way to share your message with a new audience, and this is our final #IndieTakeover of the week. If you missed our previous #IndieTakeovers this week, you can … [Read more...]