Time Is Money (Blogging For Business: Part II)

Time is money, and Indies don't have a lot of either so it's important that we invest our time and money on things that yield a tangible business benefit. Yesterday's post shared some of the benefits of blogging. Today, we discuss the other side of the coin (pun intended ...)              Blogging is time consuming, and since time is money, it's wise to … [Read more...]

Big Blog Benefits (Blogging For Business: Part I)

Since I launched Indie Business Blog nearly 4 months ago, I have received many questions from Indies who want to know if blogging can enhance their business, and if so, how to get started. Let's begin with a high level look at the benefits of blogging for business. 1. Your blog keeps lines of communication open with customers. A blog is a conversation tool that makes it fun and easy to talk … [Read more...]

Trade Show Magic

Last week, I delivered the keynote address at the Conference of Handcrafted Soap Makers in St. Louis. While there, I met with Susan Ryhanen of Saipua in New York. Susan (pictured, left, with Sima Dadamiya of Jumana Handmade Products in the United Kingdom) is a member of the Indie Beauty Network and a savvy trade show veteran. Saipua's soaps have been featured in Martha Stewart's Blueprint … [Read more...]