IBP#003: Creative Entrepreneurs and the Future of Work [Podcast]

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Rapid advancements in technology continue to present us with a variety of options when it comes to how we work. Fifteen years ago, when I asked my department manager if I could work from home a few days a week, she looked at me like I had lost my mind. Today, work-at-home accommodations are mainstream. Perhaps no company has mastered the art of virtual work like Automattic, Inc., the company behind WordPress, the system on which this website runs.


In this episode of Indie Business Podcast, I interview Scott Berkun, author of The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of WorkThe Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work. In addition to the story behind the red underwear (first things first, you know!) Scott and I discuss the freedom and flexibility we have as creative entrepreneurs to focus on results rather than traditions, and how we can use technology to be more productive as we grow ourselves and our businesses.

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Show Notes

  1. Focus on results, not tradition. “Break all the rules,” is not part of our motto for nothing. No one can break the rules like a creative entrepreneur, right? Forget how it used to be done. Forget how you were taught to do it. Focus on the result you want and then choose the path that will get you there fastest and with the least amount of resistance.
  2. Blog for life, not for attention. A blog is the most powerful personal development tool on the planet. Use it to build your brand slowly and don't get caught up on publishing massive posts that take hours to prepare. Keep it simple. Don't expect the world to beat a path to your blog at first. Remain focused on the long term goal.

    A blog will help you hone your leadership skills like nobody's business. Plus, it's free. Get one and get started today.

  3. Substitute email with cloud based platforms where possible. While there will always be a place for email, investigate tools you can use to streamline communication within your ranks. Scott offers a few suggestions.


In this episode, Scott and I mentioned the following resources:

Basecamp: online project management tool
P2Theme: a blogging platform for virtual teams
Scott's website and blog
Scott on Facebook and Twitter

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What can you learn from Automattic's streamlined example? Can your products be made virtually by others whom you train? Would you want that in your business? If not your products, can you work with others, including virtual assistants, to streamline your operations and make them more efficient?

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