IBP#004: How I Started My Business and Ideas To Help You Gain Clarity and Succeed In Yours [Podcast]

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This episode of Indie Business Podcast is a recording of my “Real People Real Business” radio show which airs live on Saturday mornings on WIXE-AM in Monroe, North Carolina.


In this episode, I share a bit about how I started my business and some of the things you can do today to achieve more clarity when it comes to pursuing your business goals. I answer call and email questions from listeners like you, and share some of my best mindset tips to help you be more successful in our business.

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Show Notes For This Episode

  1. How I quit my job to start my business. It's an interesting story, but I caution you not to do it the way I did it.
  2. The importance of having both feet in. If you have one toe into your business and the rest of your body is off doing something else, your business will not be successful.
  3. The importance of clarity. If people don't know exactly what you do, they won't be engaged, and if they are not engaged, they will not listen, and if they don't listen, they won't buy.
  4. How to pitch the media. Great tips to help you identify the right media outlets for you, and how to approach the journalists to feature your products. Help A Reporter is recommended.
  5. How to MasterMind. Tips for creating an accountability and Mastermind group in your community.

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