IBP#006: Social Media For Newbies [Podcast]

This episode of Indie Business Podcast is a recording of my “Real People Real Business” radio show which airs live on Saturday mornings on WIXE-AM in Monroe, North Carolina. In this episode, I interviewed Shane and Elise Fraser of Social Networking Assistance Today about how to use social media if you are just starting out in your business.


It's hard to believe that I have been using social media for fourteen years, including my newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. It's such a natural part of how I manage my business that I sometimes forget what it's like to just start out. I am thrilled to present Shane and Elise, and their insights, so you can cut through the noise and focus on the heart of how you can use social media to be successful in your business.

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Show Notes For This Episode

  1. How to create a strategic approach to social media. Each social media outlet requires you to assess which one(s) your target audience uses most, and then creating a strategy around that.
  2. How men and women use social media differently. Depending on you whether you are serving mostly men or women, you'll want to approach things differently.
  3. You do NOT have to be active on all of the social media outlets. You don't have to be active on all of them, but you may want to have a presence on all of them. (Don't miss this part. We include some great case studies!)
  4. Social media run down. Examples of how you can use social media specifically on the main social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LlinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.



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