Adora is an author, aromatherapist, and the leader of the founder of The Soul Institute, a co-creative educational platform for leaders and visionaries in the fields of alternative medicine.

Adora's mission is to:

Offer global ceremony, activating and uniting all kingdoms of life, delivering herself fully to the awakening and evolution of the consciousness of humanity.

As we come together for the first Maker Mastermind LIVE Intensive in the midst of a lovely spring season, Adora encourages us to continue to emerge into the newness of life. Following Adora's example, we can clear all unwanted past energy and pave the way for intentional new growth as we map out the next level of our success in life and in business.

Emerge With Adora

An author and expert in the fields of aromatherapy and plant and vibrational medicine, Adora is a visionary in the nascent arena of Quantum Alchemy, an evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery, which facilitates healing at the DNA level. Her work integrates the ancient wisdom of esoteric philosophy, psycho spiritual dynamics, pure essential oils, and energy medicine with her twenty plus years as a facilitator, educator, formulator, and entrepreneur. 

Adora is also the founder of Adoratherapy, an aromatherapy and auratherapy company which she founded over 20 years ago and which recently sold for an undisclosed sum. Having birthed and handed off one business, she is in the process of emerging another which includes products, a vibrant membership subscription program, books, and retreats in the French countryside, and more. She is doing all of this while single parenting two young daughters.

Come and see how she's doing it, first-hand, at Maker Mastermind LIVE Intensive.

Adora lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her family.

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