Kayla Fioravanti is an award-winning author, aromatherapist, cosmetic formulator, and researcher of all things hemp and CBD for Ology Essentials. If there could be one title that encapsulates Kayla's entrepreneurial journey, it would be Chief Evolutionary Officer because it perfectly describes how she lives her life — evolving from one amazing business accomplishment to the next, leveraging each to build on the last.

Kayla lives in a constant state of evolution, a condition that leads inevitably and repeatedly to success in life and in business. With Kayla, there are no setbacks. There are only challenges, each of which gives way to fresh innovative ideas that repeatedly produce new opportunities for growth.

Evolve With Kayla

Kayla is a serial entrepreneur who knows what it's like to evolve as a person and an entrepreneur without sacrificing passion, lifestyle, or income.

In 1998, she co-founded Essential Wholesale in a kitchen medicine cabinet with lavender essential oil in her hands, a baby strapped to her back, and toddlers at feet. Under her leadership, Essential Wholesale grew to be listed as one of the INC Magazine 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America three years in a row. She and her co-founder sold the business in 2011 for multiple millions — an undisclosed sum of course.

After the business sold, Kayla was contractually bound to refrain from participating in any other related industries for a number of years. Rather than sit around spending the proceeds from the sale, she wrote several books, started a self-publishing company, and began offering services to help authors write and publish their books.

Once the contractual non-compete arrangement ended, she sold the publishing business and evolved to manufacturing CBD products at Ology Essentials. Today, she is the chief formulator for the brand and for dozens of other brands under private label arrangements.

Kayla is also a highly sought after speaker who has addressed audiences on topics like branding, soap and cosmetic product manufacturing, aromatherapy, crowdsourcing, self-publishing, cosmetics regulations, social media and more.

If you are determined to use your business to maximize your potential, you have no better mentor than Kayla. She has evolved multiple businesses as she has evolved herself. Not only will you receive inspiration from her, but you will receive sound instructions and strategies.

When Kayla talks, you want to listen.

Kayla lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her family.

Get to know Kayla better on this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

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