Anne-Marie's passion for creativity led her to found Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions in 1998 with a credit card and a dream. Through Bramble Berry, she inspires and leads their 60,000+ customers – most of whom are small businesses that sell artisan bath and body and skincare products at farmers markets and popup shops, and at their own websites and other online venues like Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Faire.

Anne-Marie's mission statement has been the same since she started her company:

I use my forward-thinking positivity to encourage women

to lead lives of distinction that bring them joy.

Anne-Marie's passion doesn’t stop with crafting and creativity. She is a lifelong learner, a voracious reader, and the active mother of two young children.

Expand With Anne-Marie

During her 22 years of entrepreneurship, Anne-Marie has guided Bramble Berry from a tiny kitchen table adventure to a brand that has expanded to support multiple income streams and endeavors that deliver personal happiness and satisfaction every day. Here are just a few of the ways Anne-Marie has leveraged her success at Bramble Berry to create multiple income streams and scale her business:

  • Anne-Marie invests financially in several woman-owned businesses with missions she believes in
  • Anne-Marie is a highly sought after paid speaker who graces stages around the world
  • Anne-Marie is a certified certified nutritionist
  • Anne-Marie is the founder of the Best Day Ever, a brand that stands for the prospect that everyone can enjoy the best day ever every single day of their lives by creating habits that systematize the actions that lead to health, happiness, and success. She is the author of a book bearing the Best Day Ever brand name.
  • Anne-Marie is the author of several books on the art of soapmaking
  • Anne-Marie is a YouTube Creator Award Winner
  • … and more …

Whether you want to expand your business by through scaling or simply solidify a solid platform that supports success however you define it in this season of your life, you will get tips and strategies from Anne-Marie. She's done it all. There is no better person to show you the ropes.

Get to know Anne-Marie better on this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

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