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About Maker Mastermind™ Circles Business Accelerator

Maker Mastermind™ Circles Business Accelerator is a quarterly group coaching opportunity from Donna Maria, the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network. Maker Mastermind is designed to help creative entrepreneurs like you take the actions needed to clarify and achieve your quarterly and overall business goals.

How do you exit the endless treadmill of busyness, and eliminate low return activities that suck your energy without contributing anything to your bottom line? 

Simple. You replace a throw-spagetti-at-the-wall approach with  a strategy that moves you toward your goals in bite-sized pieces.

Each week, and daily inside your circle, you'll move toward your goals one small and steady step at at a time. You'll get the support you need from your Maker Mastermind Mentor and everyone in your circle.

Maker Mastermind Circles are curated to include people who are roughly at the same entrepreneurial level as you. We offer two tracks, each with a different focus. This ensures that you thrive and grow at your level, and in an optimal business and personal growth environment.

Customize your experience. Select the track that is best for you!

Track Two: Evolve Phase: Advanced Entrepreneurs


Your Maker Mastermind Mentor, a successful and experienced entrepreneur, will personally be by your side every step of the way.

Maker Mastermind delivers personalized access to IBN's founder, Donna Maria, and her approach to entrepreneurship that has sustained her business model for 20 years. You'll also enjoy the support of a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurial women who understand you and want your success as much as you do.

Meet your Maker Mastermind ™ Mentor


Donna Maria is an author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, entrepreneurial mentor, and the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network where she has mentored thousands of women for nearly 20 years.

Donna Maria is driven by a singular mission: to help women maximize their potential through small business ownership. She does this through IBN, the Maker Mastermind Circles Business Accelerator, Indie Cruise, and the Lifestyle CEO, a new brand helping people create entrepreneurial success through recurring income business models.

Donna Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Public Relations from the University of South Carolina, and a Juris Doctorate in Telecommunications and New Technologies Law from the Catholic University of America.

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What People Say About Maker Mastermind™!

mm - Ann Kuchera Stoll quote "I came to the Maker Mastermind, weary and droopy eyed. I wasn't sure what I needed, but dM was quick to see what I did need. She helped me reign in the shiny object issue, so many makers deal with with. She is quick with ideas and full of fun ways to infuse more energy in your business. dM is an engaging speaker and has the gift of encouragement. I would definitely do one of these again! Thanks so much for this opportunity and giving me clarity again!"
Ann Kuchera Stoll mm - Michelle Deken "Maker Mastermind really allowed me the safe space to dream and challenge myself to make my business the one I've always wanted it to be. So glad I made the investment in myself and my business!"
Michelle Deken mm - Sandy Engels quote "Maker Mastermind will move your business to the next level right before your eyes. It's eye opening and a way to really grasp who your target client is and how to proceed to reach them. I can tell you that my business is not the same as it was."
Sandy Engels mm - Lisa Kennally quote "Donna Maria has a wealth of knowledge and exudes positive energy and insight. If you are looking for a small group setting to collaborate with other business owners in the Maker community."
Lisa Kennally mm - la shonda quote "Maker Mastermind was an opportunity to stop and smell my business. It supported me in setting measurable goals. It didn't leave me to do it alone, but I have several like-minded accountability partners to check in on me to see how I'm doing."
La Shonda Tyree
mm - Michelle Campbell "Maker Mastermind got me out of my own head. I was able to get practical strategies, tool and techniques that boosted my business right on the spot! Even better, I received a roadmap for the next couple of months."
Michelle Campbell mm - Heather Lux "The Maker Mastermind was an incredible experience! Donna Maria's genuine passion for what she does and those she serves was evident from the moment we met. I especially appreciated the candid “tough love” and the inspiring words of encouragement she and others provided. We laughed, we cried, we shared….and we learned how to direct our passion into a more profitable business."
Heather Lux mm - Michelle Zagorski "Maker Mastermind let me know I'm not alone in my struggles and concerns. It is so reassuring to talk with others who've 'been there, done that' and are successful. Also, the nitty gritty biz advice from taxes and hiring employees, to learning new ways to get the most out of social media, how to write a business plan, the right and wrong ways to handle sticky situations, and what mental attitude is necessary when approaching potential important clients. Invaluable ...!"
Michele Zagorski mm - Viktoriya Hopperstad "The business model that Donna Maria presented and brainstorming ideas helped to bring my business to the next level."
Viktoriya Hopperstad
mm - Vanssa Nixon Klein "Maker Mastermind exceeded my expectations in so many ways! Donna Maria is truly a mastermind when it comes to taking a realistic look at where a business is and recognizing what needs to be done to move things forward. Even though I had to take a hard look at things I've been doing wrong (eek!), I'm more confident than I've ever been that I can do what's needed to help my business thrive."
Jill Sarmiento mm - Vanssa Nixon Klein "Maker Mastermind was amazing. It was a great opportunity to build relationships with other Makers and get clarity on which challenges are most important to focus on in our own businesses."
Vanessa Nixon Klein mm - donna d "We accomplished a lot that day without feeling drained. It felt good to connect with people who understand, and know that we’re not alone. We’re Makers together."
Donna DeRosa mm - maribel quote "I would totally recommend Maker Mastermind to any creative entrepreneur! It's a great way to meet your peers and bounce ideas off of each other. It's good to know that you're not alone in the indie world. There's other makers who have the same issue as you so don't feel like your in this by yourself. It's good to be surrounded by like-minded people. I am excited and determined to finally get my products out there."
Maribel Slater
2019/09/30 23:59:00

Frequently Asked Questions

A Maker Mastermind Circle Business Accelerator is a community of two or more similarly situated, like-minded Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs who gather regularly to address and solve their biggest business challenges, and celebrate success together. In a Maker Mastermind Circle, everyone is both coach and client, and everyone brings their A-game. When your Circle meets, an invisible “master mind” is in your midst to help you identify and pursue new opportunities, and facilitate transformative strategies. Your Maker Mastermind Circle will help you accomplish more — together.

Maker Mastermind Circles are designed to be fun, interactive, and productive. Studies show that similar situated peer groups achieve their goals and make progress 80% of the time, compared to people who go it alone. In a Maker Mastermind Circle, you are not left on your own to work things out.

While you certainly must make independent progress on your own schedule, our structure and format will help you stay on track and help prevent you from becoming discouraged or burned out. Maker Mastermind Circles are caring environments that operate like incubators. You'll be fully embraced and supported as you immerse yourself in the full vision for your life and your business, and make it come to harmonious fruition.

No, but anyone can apply to be accepted into Maker Mastermind Circle. Our brief application process is designed to ensure that Maker Mastermind is a good fit for you and your business.

Yes! We curate a special Circle specifically for entrepreneurs in the four areas of entrepreneurial growth: Emerge (entrepreneurs in the planning stage); Engage (entrepreneurs with a great plan who are ready to focus and launch); Evolve (entrepreneurs who are ready to begin to drop things that are not working and do more of what is working); and Evolve (entrepreneurs ready to begin establishing multiple brands and multiple income streams). Maker Mastermind Circles are created to place people in roughly the same phase with similarly situated people. It's perfect environment to nurture your business no matter what stage of business you are in.

Absolutely! We know that not everyone is good at articulating goals on their own. Sometimes, all you need is a mentor and a team of supporters to flesh out your ideas! Your Maker Mastermind Mentor will help you articulate exactly what you want to achieve in your business, so you can identify the activities and create the systems that lead to success.

Maker Mastermind Circles are for you if you:

• want to experience radical transformation in terms of your daily productivity, and how it leads to the achievement of your goals

• desire to build a solid and ongoing entrepreneurial platform that delivers multiple income streams

• want to develop your leadership skills so you can expand your sphere of influence, inside and outside of your business

• are open to learning from others, as you create and follow your own unique journey

• would like to distill your annual goals into daily priorities that actually propel you and your business forward

• are committed to doing the work required to focus on high impact activities that lead to high impact results

Maker Mastermind is definitely not for you if you:

• have a “build it and they will come” attitude
• are not serious about your business, and are unwilling to put in significant work to make it successful
• lack belief in yourself, your ideas, and the greatness within you
• are looking for someone to tell you *exactly* what to do, instead of creating your own path
• have a “done for you” or “easy” or “results in no time!” approach to entrepreneurship
• are closed-minded or resistant to embrace new ideas that may scare you a bit at first

Maker Mastermind Circles are composed mainly of entrepreneurs who make the products they sell, and the issues and challenges they face tend to be unique to people who sell products. Having said that, there are three ways Maker Mastermind Circles can benefit you if you have or would like to launch or grow a service-based business:

  1. If you are a Maker, Maker Mastermind Circles are a great place to brainstorm and create and expand service-based income streams that complement your products;
  2. If you are a service provider, masterminding with people outside the service-based business arena allows you to take advantage or fresh approaches ideas that you  do not routinely have access to; and
  3. Masterminding outside your niche and/or industry will help you build and maintain a solid CEO mindset that expand beyond what you normally encounter during the course of a day in your specific field.

You will maximize to chances that you will reach your business goals through peer-to-peer support and coaching and mentoring from your Maker Mastermind Mentor.  Your Maker Mastermind Circle experience is supported by three proven, easy to use collaboration tools:

• You'll attend weekly meetings, which are streamed live via Zoom, a free and easy-to-use cloud-based video platform that is accessible through a mainframe computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone. (Click here to learn more about Zoom.) You can also join the weekly meetings by phone.

• You'll submit Weekly Progress and Ownership Reports online, which will help you measure your progress and stay on track. They will also equip your Maker Mastermind Mentor to assist you more effectively.

• You'll participate in a private community on Facebook, where you will receive regular and transformational message from our founder, Donna Maria, along with periodic Facebook live broadcasts designed to encourage and boost your energy and keep your vision front and center.

These tools allow us to easily share ideas, successes, resources, and questions at all times during the 12-week Circle period.

To join a Maker Mastermind Circle, submit the application form at this link by the deadline shown. We will evaluate all applications that are submitted, and if you are accepted, we will contact you personally with your invitation to join your Circle. If you are not accepted, we will let you know why we have concluded that the Maker Mastermind Circle is not right for you at this time.

If you are not accepted into a Maker Mastermind Circle, it is usually because we do not have a combination of applications that allow us to curate a Circle that we feel is a good fit for you at this time. It's not a personal thing! It's just a way for us to ensure that, no matter who the applicants are, the Circles are composed of complementary entrepreneurs. Sometimes, we don't have enough Circles to accommodate everyone, We will notify you by email if you are not accepted, and we will explain why.

If you are not accepted, please apply again!

Each Maker Mastermind Circle lasts 12 weeks (or three months), and the monthly investment is $147. This boils down to less than $5.00 per day.

If you are a full annual member of the Indie Business Network (join here), your value increases because you'll enjoy a 20% off with a special member code.

This is an incredible value and a very smart way for you to invest in your business in a quarterly basis.

If you are not a member of the Indie Business Network, you can join here and you'll get the Maker Mastermind Circle discount code and other exclusive member benefits.

Members of the Indie Business Network enjoy a 20% discount on Maker Mastermind Circles. If you are not a member, you can join here and take advantage of this and other great member benefits.

We believe that you'll make more consistent progress toward your goals when you are paired in a Circle with people who are similarly situated to you in terms of entrepreneurial and life experience, and business income level. In the Maker Mastermind Circles Business Accelerator, this is done by placing you into one of five categories based on the stages contained in Donna Maria's signature Indie Method approach to entrepreneurship.

The five stages are:

  1. Emerge: early stage entrepreneurs; those in the process of clarifying their vision, identifying a precise target market, and drilling down on exactly what products to sell and to whom
  2. Engage: entrepreneurs who are in the process of building out branded social media channels and creating an engaging and focused community of repeat buyers
  3. Execute: once you get to this stage of entrepreneurship, you are heavily and relentlessly focused on sales
  4. Evolve: entrepreneurs with an established community, who are ready to streamline their operations by focusing on products and tasks that yield the biggest return on investment, and getting rid of everything else
  5. Expand: entrepreneurs who are expanding by adding new income streams that lead to an increased level of entrepreneurial freedom in their lives

While there is some overlap between the stages, you will not be placed into Circles with people in the Emerge stage if you are in the Expand stage — and so forth.

Learn more about the Indie Method stages of entrepreneurship at this link.

Once your unique Maker Mastermind Circle is curated, you'll be invited to attend a virtual meet and greet with your Maker Mastermind Circle Mentor and others in your Circle. In this meeting, you will share the successes and challenges you have previously celebrated in your business, and you'll set goals (one big goal and two mini-goals) for the12-week Circle period.

Each week, you'll be invited to submit a Weekly Progress + Ownership Report so you and your Circle can track your incremental yet steady progress toward your goals. Your circle will meet virtually as a community 10 times over the12-week Circle period. Between meetings, you'll remain connected through the private Facebook community where you'll have access to each other 24/7 for resources, support, and celebration.

Your 12-week Circle period will conclude with a celebration of your success as you announce the achievement of your 12-week goals. At this time, there will be prizes and opportunities for collaborative cross-promotion of your brand throughout social media.

You will have an opportunity to participate in a Maker Mastermind Circle four times a year, on a quarterly basis. If you participate in four circles, at the end of the year, you should have achieved four (4) big goals and eight (8) mini-goals — it will be a banner year for you and your business!

The time commitment is up to you, with the understanding that your results will largely be determined by how much focused time you invest to achieve them. You can generally expect three key structured time components.

  1. The 12-week Circle kicks off with a one-time hour-long virtual meet and greet where everyone connects to meet and get to know each other a bit. This is a one-time event.
  2. Once your Circle is formed, you will be paired with a Circle Partner. While it is not required, we encourage you to meet by phone with your Circle Partner once a week for laser focusing, goal ownership, support, and encouragement.
  3. Each Thursday evening, your Circle meets virtually to Mastermind each other's goals, to share progress, and brainstorm about how to proceed to overcome whatever challenges have come your way in the pursuit of your goal. These weekly meetings last an hour or so, sometimes a bit more, sometimes less.
Finally, each curated virtual Mastermind Circle community is open 24/7 for you to use whenever you want to ask a question, show others your progress, request feedback, share an aha moment, ask for help pushing your ball forward, or help someone else push their ball forward.

Most people organize and pursue their business and personal goals on an annualized basis, but according to Brian Moran, author of The 12 Week Year, this is the very reason why so many people don't achieve their goals. According to Moran, “periodization” of your goals into 12-week chunks maximizes your chances of success by avoiding the pitfalls and low productivity of annualized thinking.

Chunking your goals and the actions you take toward them into 12-week periods does not give you enough time to become complacent. The urgency increases and intensifies, maximizing the likelihood that you will actually achieve your goals. Using Moran's 12-week year approach, Maker Mastermind Circles help you clarify and focus on the tasks the matter most.

If you participate in all four Circle periods, at the end of a year, you'll achieve four (4) big goals and eight (8) mini goals in 12 months!

If you are accepted into a Maker Mastermind Circle, you will be notified by email and given 72 hours to accept the invitation and make your payment.

You can quit a Maker Mastermind at any time, but you will not receive a refund. Please note that we politely frown on anyone who accepts the invitation to be a part of a Maker Mastermind Circle and then quits. A Maker Mastermind Circle is composed of a group of people who are relying on each other for the ownership and brain storming needed to help everyone press toward their goals. If you drop out in the middle of a Circle period, you are not only hurting yourself, but you are hurting your mastermind partners, and that is not cool.

Having said all of that, if you know that the next 12 weeks of your life will be packed with the type of uncertainty that will prevent you from participating fully in your Circle, it may be best to apply to be a part of a future Circle period.

There is an application process because we are not just looking for warm bodies. We are looking for signs of commitment and a desire to grow both personally and professionally, and to help others do the same. We also want to make sure we are a good fit to help you and your business grow. The application process allows us to carefully curate each Maker Mastermind Circle with participants who complement one another. It also facilitates our ability to maintain committed participants and high caliber communities.

While a Maker Mastermind Circle would be more lucrative if we filled it with as many people as possible, we are more concerned with seeing you get results. What's most important to a successful Circle is not the number participants, but the quality of participants. We are happier to work with three highly motivated people who are getting results than we are to work with 20 or 100 people who are not moving much at all.

As entrepreneurs, we can learn a lot from other entrepreneurs, even the ones we do not personally like. Our advice if you don't like someone in your circle is to look beyond the things you find objectionable and capitalize on the opportunity to learn from them — and put on your big girl panties, and learn something about yourself in the process. One a case-by-case basis, we will do everything we can to accommodate requests to change to another Maker Mastermind Circle, but we cannot make any promises.

No. However, we believe that you'll make more consistent progress toward your goals when you are paired with other entrepreneurs who are similarly situated to you in terms of entrepreneurial and life experience, and business income level. For example, if you have not yet moved your business from the basic Emerge stage, we will not place you in a Circle with people who are in the Expand stage of entrepreneurship because you are launching and they are scaling. Importantly, unless requested, we do not put businesses that compete directly in the same niche in the same Circle.

A Maker Mastermind Weekly Progress + Ownership Update is an easy-to-submit online form that you complete and submit each Friday to pat yourself on the back for executing specific steps toward your goals for that week, and own the steps you will take in the coming week. We all celebrate your progress and victories together as a team.

In the future, we will expand Maker Mastermind to a wider audience, but for now, we are focused exclusively on the United States and Canada.

No. The Maker Mastermind is open to and can benefit any type of business. Your curated Circle will have people from different types of businesses. This will benefit you because you'll be able to mastermind with and learn from within and outside your industry.

No. While we will live stream the mastermind meetings into a Facebook group, you can attend via laptop, phone, or computer without logging into Facebook. Having said that, a lot of the collaborative discussion between Circle meetings takes place inside the Facebook community, and you will miss that if you are not there. For instructions on how to set up your free Facebook profile so you can participate in your curated Maker Mastermind Circle, click here.

Since Circles are curated based on a variety of factors, including space limitations, we are unable to accommodate preference requests. You are welcome to work with any of our Maker Mastermind Mentors on a one-on-one basis.

Email us at support@indiebusinessnetwork.com or call our office at 800-882-8875, and we will reply within 24 business hours.

Complete your application by the deadline on this page and look for a reply from us no later than 14 days after the deadline. Thank you!

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