The most comprehensive program to create, launch, lead, and grow your maker business.

Yes! ... And get general and product liability insurance too!

Our training helps thousands of independent entrepreneurs thrive in the $44+ billion creative economy.

Grow a business that allows you to create your specific lifestyle. No more hit or miss finding resources. Collaborate with supportive like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn business systems that work for you. Make more confident business decisions. Make more sales. Earn more lifetime customers.

“IBN is the best professional membership I have joined. The networking is great, the sharing of information is phenomenal, the teaching that Donna Maria brings is outstanding. I have learned the skills to take my business to the next level. It's a great group to join regardless of the state of your business.” ~ Cindy Jones, Ph.D, Colorado Aromatics

How do you know if IBN is right for you?

Well, IBN is NOT ...

  • … A place to learn to make stuff
  • … An insurance company
  • … For hobbyists

IBN is for you if ...

  • You are serious about your business
  • You want your business to grow
  • You like connecting with people who get you
  • You want to collaborate (not compete) with other Makers
  • You value and like to deliver the personal touch
  • You believe that entrepreneurship is for everyone
  • You believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change your life … and the world
  • You are willing to do the work!

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Image: Khadija Dawn Carryl of Henna Sooq: IBN Member since 2014

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The 5 ways to use Indie Business™ to grow your business

  • Entrepreneur training classes — live and recorded. Your business will never outgrow your ability to lead it, so IBN offers regular sales, marketing and leadership training to help you grow personally — so you are equipped to grow your business.
  • Access to the quarterly Maker Mastermind™ LIVE Intensive. An opportunity to reserve your seat at our quarterly Maker Mastermind LIVE Intensive events that provide tailored boutique coaching, masterminding and accountability sessions to help you stay on track to achieve your most important personal and professional goals. For your convenience, you can attend live or virtually!
  • Promotional opportunities. You'll enjoy opportunities to be featured at Indie Business Blog, on Indie Business Podcast, and on our social media pages which reach tens of thousands every day, worldwide.
  • Private Facebook community. Our members only entrepreneur discussion group features opportunities for you to engage with, learn from and collaborate with American Maker from across North America. The wide ranging discussions include insider supplier experiences, business strategy tips and ideas and live coaching sessions with our founder and Certified Entrepreneur Mentor, Donna Maria.
  • Product liability insurance. This is how you probably found us in your Google search. Unlike going to your local insurance broker, who doesn’t have quite what you need (or can afford) we have affordable liability insurance specifically set up for you, the handmade product makers.
  • Supportive environment. You’re an individual, not one of a thousand fish caught in a net. We have the kind of member-driven support that works for you and your business. Plus…collaborative opportunities to promote your brand through social media, podcast and video.
  • Access to award-winning Certified Entrepreneur Mentor Donna Maria – up close and personal. Since 2000, Donna Maria has been going deep with our members, offering opportunities for you to get your specific questions answered and learn not only from her, but also from everyone else in our knowledgeable and supportive community.
  • Practical training from world-class Makers. Several times a year, IBN members enjoy a brand new video training with a successful American Maker. The topics covered embrace everything you need to be successful, including things like setting up brand ambassador programs, creating sales funnels, email marketing, wholesale tips and strategies and so much more. You won’t want to miss these sessions, and you'll have access to all of the recordings from the moment you join.
  • A crazy low price. The Indie Business Network is affordable to anyone who is serious about building their business. We want to empower as many people as possible, so we are holding the price at less than .67¢ per day. You read that right. This price will be good through the end of 2022, so we can roll up our collective sleeves with as many American Makers as possible. A rising tide lifts all ships, you know …
  • Fun!! At the Indie Business Network, we believe in #HappyBeforeHustle. The process of growing a business presents everyday challenges, but that doesn't mean it cannot also be fun. Growing yourself and making money at the same time is our definition of fun! Indie Business Network is not for everyone, but if you like the idea of growing your business and having a blast at the same time, you are in the right place. If you are serious about launching a brand or taking the one you have to the next level, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. And keep in mind, there is no risk. Membership is annual and if you don't like it, you can cancel before renewal time…

Hello, I'm Donna Maria!

I founded the Indie Business Network to help you build an online audience of customers and clients who will buy from you over and over again.

Our #1 priority is to help you leverage the amazing products you created to build a buying target audience, a loyal community of fans, and a brand that will serve as the platform for a lifetime of sales opportunities.

You're busy. You are determined. You know that tossing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some of it sticks is not a strategy. You don't have the time to digest a million “how to start a business” blog posts, watch thousands of YouTube videos (most of which are ultimately trying to sell you something), and read business books until your eyes glaze over.

What you need is a Success Path, and you have found one right here.

IBN is a one-stop shop that eliminates distractions and gives you the critical ingredients needed to build a buying  audience so you enjoy a never-ending stream of sales opportunities. IBN puts the coaching and resources you need in a sequential order you can follow straight to the fulfillment of your business dreams — all organized in one place.

If you're tired of wasting precious time searching for the right advice or wondering what you should do first (or next), you have come to the right place.

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