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Makers on the Move (Episode 3: July 2017)

The Indie Business Network is composed of hundreds of very powerful creators, from all walks of life and representing all 50 states. Whether they're enjoying a fun retail gift show, a well-deserved media feature, or hanging out together at a maker show, our members are always focused on making awesome products for their adoring fans. I love bringing you their inspiring stories and … [Read More]

The Story of the Indie Business Podcast

After you learn how Indie Business Podcast started, you can listen to it here. This post shares the story of how I started and grew the Indie Business Podcast ... before the word "podcast" really existed. It also kicks off a a series of encore presentations of all of my podcasts from 2005 to 2010. Before "podcasting," live or recorded … [Read More]

Giveaway: Let’s Have Our Best Day Ever Together!

This giveaway event has ended. Read more blog posts here. As you may recall, the July 2017 edition of the Indie Business Book Club is reading Live Your Best Day Ever by our member, Anne-Marie Faiola. (If you are not a member of our free book club, you can join here.) In addition to leading Bramble Berry, her soapmaking supply business (more … [Read More]

Makers on the Move (Episode 2: July 2017)

There is no grass growing underneath the well manicured feet of the members of the Indie Business Network, and I bring you proof of that every week. No matter what part of the country you live in, you can be inspired by (and maybe even create some fun new collaborations with) members of the Indie Business Network. Last week, we brought you … [Read More]

Launching Today: Phase 1 of Our New IBN Member Site

Today, I'm pleased to announce a major upgrade to IBN's member area. This post provides you with an overview of the exciting new changes. First, note that our new member area is now completely separate from this website. While we have a new website for our members, this website is still the place to come to join the Indie Business Network. We are … [Read More]