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10 Easy Blog Post Ideas to Attract Target Customers to Your Website

You know that a blog will get more eyeballs to your website, right? I should know, as I've been blogging for nearly 16 years. It's one of the single most effective tools I have used to build my business. Whether you blog or not, you pretty much know that every Maker needs to maintain a blog at their website. The biggest resistance I hear on this topic is that you don't know what to blog … [Read More]

Makers on the Move (Episode 2: September 2017)

Our members are always on the move. There is no grass growing under their feet. They have a plan, and they are executing it, regardless of what anyone else is doing. It is my pleasure to tell you what they are doing, not only so you can buy their products, but so you can be inspired to maximize your potential through small business … [Read More]

Makers on the Move (Episode 1: September 2017)

The best thing about life today is that creativity and inspiration is all around us. Honestly, what did our parents do? What inspired them to create and produce things that could help them provide for their families? Can you imagine coming of age when your options were limited by traditional career paths? I am so glad that I'm coming of age in a … [Read More]

Indies Helping Houston

In this post, I shared that on Wednesday, I'll participate in a complimentary webinar where you can enjoy rare entrepreneurial training simply by making a donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Be sure to sign up for that! Today, in this post, I am sharing some of the love that our IBN members are showering on Houston. There are some … [Read More]

Help For Houston

Like you, I have watched in horror as the City of Houston and surrounding areas is being decimated by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. IBN has several members in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana, and our collective hearts and support go out to all of them and their friends, family members, and greater communities as they take on this most … [Read More]