Makers on the Move (Episode 4: June 2017)

The good news just keeps coming from our Indie Business Network members. Last week, we shared wins from members in Florida, New Hampshire, and California. If you missed them, you can catch them here. This week, we bring you excitement from Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan. You will love being inspired by the smart moves our members are making nationwide. It's exciting to share some of … [Read more...]

Meet the Author: Beth L. Buelow

If you have hung around the Indie Business Network for a while, you know that I believe that great readers make great business leaders. To that end, I am pleased to announce our first Indie Business Book Club Meet the Author event, Wednesday, June 21 at 12pm ET. Our guest will be Beth L. Buelow, author of The Introvert Entrepreneur, our June 2017 book club pick. If you are not a part of the Indie … [Read more...]

Meet Our Summer 2017 Interns

I am thrilled to introduce the Indie Business Network Summer 2017 interns, my children: Vanessa Johnson and Brooks Johnson. Before I do so, let me first ask your indulgence because you will probably see this post about a million times over the next few days. As you know, I do not beat people over the head with my blog posts, but I hope you'll indulge this mamma just this once. I'm very proud of my … [Read more...]

Makers on the Move (Episode 3: June 2017)

Our members are always on the move. There is no grass growing under their feet. They are not sitting around wondering what effect Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods will have on their business because it doesn't matter. They have a plan, and they are executing it, regardless of what any other companies (large or small) are doing. It is my pleasure to tell you what they are doing, not only so you can … [Read more...]

What Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Means For Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs

A bomb dropped in the retail space this morning. With Amazon's $13.7 Billion purchase of Whole Foods, a slowly expanding gulf between niche and mass market has finally become a gragantuan divide. The news just dropped a few hours ago, and I'm still developing my thoughts. Completion of the sale is subject to approval by Whole Foods' shareholders, regulatory approvals, etc., but in the … [Read more...]

Makers on the Move (Episode 2: June 2017)

Last week, I shared some of the inspiring accomplishments of Indie Business Network members in our new Makers on the Move column. (If you missed last week's stories from Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs in New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont, and Ohio, you can catch them here.) This week, our winning moves come from New York, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and California. You will love being inspired by the … [Read more...]

Maker Mastermind Show: Episode 7: Pooka Pure and Simple

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Maker Mastermind Show. If you missed previous episodes, you can binge watch them here. Be sure to join the free Maker Mastermind group on Facebook so you can join us live for the next show, and be entered to win prizes and/or get discount codes on the artisan made products you love. In this episode, I and my co-host, Christine Laureano, interview Dawn Fitch of Pooka … [Read more...]

Road Trip of a Lifetime: The Rest of the Story

Recently, I told you about our member, Christina Wennstrom of in Redondo Beach, California, and her fabulous "road trip of a lifetime. If you missed Part 1 of her journey, you can get it here. Christina has ended her road trip, and this post shares Parts 2 and 3 of her exciting journey. Christina attended three conferences, back-to-back, over a 10-day period, and she reports that she had a … [Read more...]

Makers on the Move (Episode 1: June 2017)

Last week, I shared some of the inspiring accomplishments of Indie Business Network members in a new Maker on the Move column. (If you missed last week's stories from Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs in Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, you can catch them here.) Based on the positive feedback received after the first Makers on the Move column, I've decided to continue it. First, … [Read more...]

Claim Your Indie Business Network Complimentary Day Pass (June 1, 2017)

See for yourself why thousands of people have joined the Indie Business Network community over the years. We invite you to experience our unsurpassed entrepreneurial training and community with a free day pass on June 1, 2017. Meet our members, enjoy complimentary networking with other Maker and Handmade Entrepreneur leaders, get access to one of my Facebook Live marketing presentations. If you … [Read more...]