The Indie Business Network® has the serious mentoring, entrepreneur training, business resources, regulatory info and supportive like-minded community you’ve been searching for ... all in one friendly place!

Yes...and we offer insurance too ...

You’ve searched local networks and googled endlessly

You’ve decided it’s time to pivot away from hobbyist to full-fledged handmade entrepreneur. But feel lost…like you're missing key pieces.

Scouring the internet you come up short on information about starting your own business. Especially your online business.

But it's hard to know what to look for or who to trust.

Other options seem fly by night, or just designed to get your money and not serve you.

Joining some groups makes you feel anonymous …. like you're a cog in a wheel not getting any individual attention.

Without reliable resources and committed leadership, it’s easy to get distracted from achieving your goals.

La Shonda Tyree of Handmade Soap Coach. IBN Member since 2014
Image: La Shonda Tyree of Handmade Soap Coach
IBN Member since 2002

The Indie Business Network is different!

Alana of Etta + Billie. IBN Member since 2014.
Image: Alana Rivera of Etta + Billie
IBN Member since 2011

It doesn't matter if ....

  • You already have liability insurance
  • You haven’t officially started your business yet
  • You don’t have a website yet
  • You don’t have enough money – or feel like you can’t afford it

What matters is you want to break all the rules, build your own corporate ladder, and create the life you love!

How do you know if Indie Business is right for you?

Well, Indie Business isn’t...

  • A place to learn to make stuff, you already know how to do that.
  • It’s not an insurance company, though we do offer affordable liability insurance.
  • It’s not for hobbyists or dabblers in crafting.

Indie Business is for you if:

  • You’re serious about your business
  • You’re a product maker 
  • You want your brand to grow and expand
  • You like connecting with people who get you
  • You want to collaborate (not compete) with other makers
  • You would like to create multiple income streams
  • You believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform your life
  • You believe in the power of women to change the world
Angela Carillo, IBN Member
Image: Angela Carillo of Alegna Soap
IBN Member since 2013

Are you starting to feel like this may be the place for you?

Hello, I'm Donna Maria!

FOUNDER + CEO of Indie Business Network®!
22+ years ago I was in your shoes. I had just discovered soap and candle making!

I loved it so much that I left my job as a corporate attorney to open a small shop to sell my handmade products.

It was then I discovered how hard it was to find the resources and suppliers I needed to make my business a success. Or where to go to understand regulations. Or get support and reliable advice.

And there certainly wasn’t a place to find people like me, who wanted to make a business out of making and selling small batch artisan products.

There were local networks full of plumbers, real estate agents and gift and clothing shop owners — even huge cosmetics manufacturers! But they didn’t know what I needed either.

So…I decided to create a safe space where American Maker Entrepreneurs like you and me COULD find what they needed, and be surrounded by it all day every day.

22+ years later, Indie Business Network® is thousands of American Makers strong, and growing!

At the Indie Business Network, you'll get what you need because we get you need! 

We work hard together. We grow businesses together. We even play together at our virtual events like our weekly Coffee With Donna Maria and our signature business mastermind event, Maker Mastermind Live.

You are welcome here, and we cannot wait to serve you!

Image: Soap by Ann Stoll of Blossom's Barn, LLC
IBN Member since 2018

Your go-to place for advice and info on how to grow your American Maker business

So, how can the Indie Business Network help you?

The 5 ways we can help you grow your business

  • General + Product Liability Insurance Designed for Handmade and Artisan Small Batch Products. Unlike what is offered by traditional brokers, coverage offered to our ENTREPRENEUR MEMBERS is designed specifically for you — the American Maker Entrepreneur. It is affordable and easy to manage, and effectively immediately upon purchase. You get same day coverage! No overwhelming forms or unmanageable documents. Please read the Insurance FAQ before joining!
  • Maker Mastermind™ Intensives. You will enjoy exclusive access to Maker Mastermind immersive training sessions where you will learn new content from our proprietary Maker Method™ training program, problem solve with expert coaches and your peers, and grow into the next level of yourself as the leader of your business.
  • Entrepreneur Discussion Forum. Watch your inbox after you join for an invitation to our exclusive entrepreneurial community hosted on Facebook. It’s a great place for you to connect with other members and receive announcements from our team. The member-driven support you'll get will empower you and your business.
  • Digital Entrepreneurial Training Classes. As an ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER, you'll enjoy 24/7 access to our member area containing treasure trove of hundreds of virtual entrepreneurial training classes, including videos, webinars, and audio recordings. From leadership training, legal and regulatory, personal development and more, Indie Business Network® has the information you need to build your brand and your income. Our content is organized by subject matter as well as by beginner, intermediate, and advanced subject matter so you can find what you need quickly.
  • Access to our founder, award-winning Certified Entrepreneur Mentor Donna Maria – up close and personal. ENTREPRENEUR MEMBERS are invited to join Donna Maria weekly for Indie Business Coffee where you will enjoy a detailed member product unboxing, book club discussion, Maker Method training, and mentoring Q+A with Donna Maria. Ask any questions and get direct input from dM.
Image: Patty Liu of Free Flow Botanicals
IBN Member since 2019

I wanted to make sure it’s affordable for a maker like you

Think of it this way...if you sell 7 bars of soap or 2 bottles of lotion or 2 candles a month you can have access to:

  • Our private Facebook community – where members go all-in on support, collaboration and sharing how they are growing their businesses…or asking for help because they’re feeling stuck.
  • A training library that you can’t find anywhere else – because it’s 100% for handmade entrepreneurs.
  • Member discounts for raw material suppliers resources and so much more.

Join the American Maker economy -- strengthening local communities nationwide

Indie Business Network has 2 membership tiers to serve you ...

  1. PROTÉGÉ MEMBER – If you are just starting out and want to dip your toe in the small business waters before diving in fully, our Protégé member tier is for you.
  2. ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER – Are you ready to dive in, grow sales, and build your core brand? If so, our Entrepreneur member tier is perfect for you. Please read the Insurance FAQ before joining!

IMPORTANT: IBN Membership Application Form
(US members only. Canadian members, use this application.)


You are actively selling and ready to grow (includes access to product liability insurance)
$247 per year

24/7 access to our PRIVATE ENTREPRENEUR MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP for our accountability groups, entrepreneurial training, support and community to inspire and uplift you when you need it most


Exclusive quarterly access to the Indie Business Network® Maker Planner™, our quarterly planning system that incorporates the Maker Method™ and helps you clarify your goals and organize your tasks and priorities so you can be more productive and have more fun in your life and in your business.


Exclusive ENTREPRENEUR MEMBERS ONLY LIBRARY, with access to hundreds of hours of organized and categorized training audios and webinars aimed specifically at Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs


LIVE CLASSES (and a treasure trove of live and recorded workshops, webinars and classes) with experts who can help your business grow


PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Connect with new customers and prospects as we share video content on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to give fans a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes your products so special

Join our founder, Donna Maria, weekly for Maker Monday Q+A and get your toughest and most pressing business questions answered


Enjoy weekly Brainstorming and Accountability Groups to brainstorm, problem solve, and make progress together toward your goals


The MAKER METHOD: IBN's proprietary sequential entrepreneurial training program that guides you through the four phases of entrepreneurship


Independent study course: INDIE BEAUTY UNIVERSITY: 9 hours of at-your-own-pace training: FDA regulations, trademarks and business set-up, etc.)


Display the Indie Business ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER BADGE at your website or blog


You're just now sticking your toe in the water (DOES NOT include access to product liability insurance and ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER community)
Free for life

Exclusive quarterly access to the Indie Business Network® Maker Planner™, our quarterly planning system that incorporates the Maker Method™ and helps you clarify your goals and organize your tasks and priorities so you can be more productive and have more fun in your life and in your business.


Our Founder's exclusive weekly Indie Business Tips, containing practical mentoring advice, tips, and strategies to help you get started in business

IMPORTANT: While you can cancel your Indie Business membership at any time, if you join Indie Business and later find that your products are not covered, there is NO REFUND of your membership dues.
** Product liability insurance is an optional member benefit available only under the Maker Member membership tier subscription plan. It is NOT available in the free membership option. Coverage pricing starts at $275/year for $1M.

Here’s what a few members have to say ...

Image: D’Shawn Russell of Southern Elegance Candle Company
IBN Member since 2015

So you’ve made it down this far...but still have questions. Let’s get those answered!

How do I join the Indie Business Network?

Can you tell me more about the 2 membership options?

PROTÉGÉ MEMBERS are thinking about starting a business and/or thinking about joining the Indie Business Network, but are not sure yet. Protégé membership is a chance to learn enough about entrepreneurship to know whether you want to give it a try, and to get a taste of how the Indie Business Network can serve you if you decide to level up. As a Protégé member, you do not have access to general and product liability insurance, and you do not have access to our private Entrepreneur Member community.
ENTREPRENEUR MEMBERS come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: you are serious about building a profitable business that grows and expands with you. You enjoy regular, in-depth mentoring and training sessions that boost your skillset in the areas that are critical to your success. As a Maker Member, you have regular access to tools that help you visualize, align, and execute a business that is profitable and personally satisfying.

How do I renew my membership in the Indie Business Network?

Membership is renewed annually using a secure automated renewal system. You will receive notice 30 days before your membership renewal is due, and again 15 days before your membership renewal is due. Once your membership is renewed, you will receive a renewal receipt and a reminder link to renew your general and product liability insurance, if applicable.

How much are my Indie Business Network membership dues?

PROTÉGÉ MEMBER member dues are free.
ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER annual dues are $247.

How do I know that Indie Business Network has received my membership dues payment?

You will receive an automated receipt once your payment has been processed.

How long does it take for my membership to become active?

Memberships are activated immediately upon receipt of dues payment, and your username and password work in our members only area right away.

Are there any online discussion groups I can participate in?

Yes. The Indie Business Network's Private Facebook Group is a hotbed of sharing and business mastermind activity all day every day. After you join, you will receive instructions on how to join the group.

How do I learn about the general and product liability insurance offered to Entrepreneur Members?

Click here to learn about the product liability insurance.

How long is my membership good for?

Indie Business Network membership is good for one year, or one month, from the time the application is processed. Memberships renew automatically each year. You can terminate your membership anytime, but there are no refunds.

My membership has lapsed, how can I reinstate it?

If your membership has lapsed, we invite you to join afresh at this link.

How do I notify Indie Business Network of changes to my contact information or social links?

Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Does the Indie Business Network host events where I can meet other members?

Yes. We host several annual physical and virtual events inside the membership, among them Coffee with Donna Maria and Maker Mastermind Live.

Can I get a refund of my membership dues after I join the Indie Business Network?

No. Your membership can be terminated at any time, but membership dues are not refundable.

Jen Waller, IBN Member
Image: Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion
IBN Member since 2014