I have used social media since 2000 when I launched IBN. It all started with a newsletter, which is now in it's 11th year of publication. From these humble beginnings, I have added new technologies as they have evolved, and I have done so with ease.

This longtime use has positioned me to grow my business organically for over a decade. For others, this process is not so easy and many people are stymied by the array of options. I have sorted through all of them, and I know the ones that are worth your time and the ones that are not. This 3-month program is designed to help you ditch the bright, shiny objects that are weighing you down, and focus solely on the options that are perfect for your particular business.

This is not an overnight process, and those who treat it like one are always disappointed.

Effective social media marketing is about more than know how technology works, and pushing a button so that 24 hours later, you have a solid audience just waiting to give you their credit card number. (Yes, some people will tell you that, but it's not true!). What it is about is knowing how exactly what you want to accomplish, and then sharpening your skills so you can use technology to lead your business forward — as opposed to being led around by technology as so many people are.

This program is for you if:

* you are launching a new business and need help getting an audience in place before your launch date
* you already have a business, but need help selecting the social media tools best for you
* you already have a business, and you know what social media tools you want to use, but don't know how to get started
* you are using social media regularly, but your efforts are scattered and uncoordinated, and you need help creating a system

Together, we will create a social media strategy plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your specific business goals. Are you ready?

Purchase your 3 months of intensive, results-oriented social media marketing mentoring and coaching here:

Members: $1,359

Non-members: $1,795

3-Month Social Media Marketing Coaching