I created my mission statement in 1998, and it has remained unchanged ever since. In the interim, I got married and had children. Technology has advanced and the economy has tanked. Through it all, I have been able to remain focused and successful because I am sure of my mission. It is at the core of me, and it does not change, even though the world changes.

Do you need help creating a mission statement that sticks? One that succinctly encompasses and represents who are as a woman and what you hope to achieve as an entrepreneurial leader? If so, this post may help. But if you're worth more than a 500-world blog post, then let me roll up my sleeves with you!

This strategy session is for you if:

* you have never considered creating a mission statement, but you know you need one
* you have considered creating a mission statement, but you need help getting started
* you have a mission statement, but it's not good enough for you
* you would like to bounce your mission statement off me to get help incorporating it fully into your business

Together, we will discuss the points that need to be incorporated into your Mission Statement and how you can use your unique Mission Statement to create platforms for growth in your life, both personally and professionally. Are you ready?

Reserve your one-on-one strategy session now, and we will get in touch with you promptly to set up your exclusive one-one-one time with me. Use the drop down menu to chose “non-member” if you are not an IBN member.

45-Minute Mission Statement Strategy Session