When I launched IBN in 2000, I immediately knew that I had to use technology to create community — not just within the organization, but also outside of it. Today, I host the longest running weekly business podcast in the nation and host this interactive website, which supports my members and their communities. It has been integral to the growth of my brand, and similar community leadership is also critical to yours. In fact, I have seen hundreds of people start communities similar to this one, and abandon them because they don't know what to do to make it profitable.

Today, the community that supports you and your business endeavors is just as important — maybe even more important — than the products and services you sell. My signature community management program is designed to help you create and nurture a community of brand evangelists who will help you spread the word about everything you do. You will learn how to position yourself as community leader, how to use technology to make it fun and easy for people to join your community, how to create podcasts, videos and other media designed to cater specifically to your community, and so much more. I will show you exactly what to do, and we'll spend 6 months together doing it, and then you will take it from there. By then, you'll be prepared to grow and expand on your own!

We begin with a consultation to discuss your business and your community goals. After an initial consultation, I customize a program that is manageable for you based on your goals, the time you have, your budget, and other factors unique to you. At the end of 6 months, you'll have everything you need to manage a community of people who are as excited about your products as you are. (Note: it takes a massive investment of time to create a community like the one I am describing. After talking with me once, many people decide they just don't want to put in the effort. That's understandable, albeit unfortunate. For this reason, if after the initial consultation, where I will answer your initial questions and give you the low down on community management, you decide not to continue, you'll receive a full refund, less $150 for the consultation.)

Purchase your 6-Month Community Launch & Management Coaching program here:

Members: $3,500

Non-members: $4,569

6-Month Community Launch & Management Coaching

* Price does not include costs of items such as graphic design, logo design, website design, blog design, etc. Any such fees are paid by you directly to the designer of your choice, or I can recommend some.