The Artisan Made Show is the online pop-up shopping party that features American made products that make your life more fun and enjoyable! Wouldn't you love tapping your phone or opening your laptop and joining a community of people to discover and discuss what you love about products made by real people with real stories and a commitment to deliver not just products, but amazing experiences? That's what you'll get with the Artisan Made Show!!

The Artisan Made Show is a collaborative boutique progressive shopping party for people who love to buy local, handmade products created with careful intention by artisans who infuse meaning and passion into everything they make. The show is live streamed on the Facebook or Instagram pages of the artisans themselves, and is recorded so that you can watch and shop live or later on all major social media outlets.

The show alternates between Facebook editions and Instagram editions so you can shop on the platform you and your friends prefer, and more easily Meet the Makers and Shop the Brands. Together, you and your like-minded friends will discover and explore new brands and products, and you'll meet new friends who enjoy shopping local and artisan made — just like you!

Our Next Show: Facebook Live!

The next Artisan Made Show is Friday, May 1, and starts promptly at 2pm ET | 11am PT.

We will start at IBN's Facebook Page. The show lineup is below.

Meet the Makers | Shop the Brands

Here are the links to the Facebook pages of our Makers!

Sandy at The Purple Sage

Katherine at Wild House Body Care

Ann at Blossom's Barn

Lisa at Wild Air Skincare

Rhonda at Rare Glo

Stacey at Be Blends

How to Shop the Artisan Made Show

  1. Set up your Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.
    You must be logged into the social media accounts that carry the show in order to shop the show. All you need is a phone, a tablet, or your desktop, and free accounts on Facebook and/or Instagram. Click here for instructions on setting up your free Facebook account. Click here for instructions on setting up your free Instagram account.

  2. Follow the Indie Business Network.
    After you establish your free accounts, like and follow Indie Business Network on Facebook, and turn on notifications so show announcements appear in your feed. Also, follow Indie Business Network on Instagram and watch our feeds for show announcements. You can also follow and click the #ArtisanMadeShow hash tag on both platforms so you can easily follow announcements about upcoming shows inside each app.You'll be able to stream the entire show live from either platform using your phone, tablet, or desktop. It's easy to create a shared shopping experience as you share the show live on Facebook and tag your friends on Instagram. Together, you'll discover new Indie and apothecary brand products that you cannot buy at big box stores.

  3. Before the show …
    Before the show, share this article with the show lineup to show your love for the brands you are already familiar with, and to generate excitement about the ones that will be new to you — or new to your friends. As the show begins, make sure you're in a place where you can hear and watch the show clearly. The better you can see and hear, the easier it will be to share the fun, go shopping, and get any discount codes or special instructions that may be available.

  4. Join the show live, sit back, relax, and shop!
    To participate and shop a Facebook Live edition of the Artisan Made Show, log onto the Indie Business Network Facebook page at the start of the show and you'll see us there. To participate and shop an Instagram Live edition of the Artisan Made Show, log onto the Indie Business Network Instagram page at the start of the show and you'll see us there.If you arrive in the middle of a show, don't worry, just join the fun and we'll direct you where to go next!

  5. Meet the Makers, Shop the Brands, Live!
    After a welcome from the host of the show (the Indie Business Network), the live stream is passed to the first participating artisan and you follow by clicking the link provided to join the next artisan. That person has 10 minutes to introduce her/himself and the brand, and share exciting products you can shop for live right there on the live stream.Remember, you can shop live right there on the show!You can ask questions about the artisan and the products she makes for you. You can also share your feedback about products you have purchased from the brand in the past. Invite your friends by tagging and sharing so a fun shared shopping experience is had by all.

    The stream is passed to the next artisan for 10 minutes, and so forth until the show ends with a wrap up by the host of the show, the Indie Business Network.

  6. Follow the fun!
    To follow to the next artisan's live stream on Facebook, click the hyperlink provided during the live show from your desktop, tablet, or phone. On Instagram, follow to the next artisan's live stream by clicking avatar to open up the video stream.

  7. After the show …
    After the show ends, you can still shop! Also, share the recordings of your favorite brands using the share button on Facebook, or by tagging on Instagram. Follow the brands who you found most interesting, subscribe to their newsletter updates and posts, and be the first to know about their new products and any specials they offer.

  8. If you miss a show …
    If you miss a show, you may not get coupon codes and special pricing that is available only during the show, but you can still watch the replays and participate after the fact. Our artisans will check their show comments and inboxes to make sure they don't miss any inquiries you have about how to buy their products.You can also check this blog in the Artisan Made Show category of this blog to watch recordings of the live streams you miss!

Follow the Brands in Advance!

You can like and follow the brands in advance, and turn on notifications, so you don't miss another chance to be reminded about the upcoming show. We'll share the show times and links to the Facebook pages of the stars of our next show below!

See you there!

How to Be a Featured Artisan!

If you are an artisan or Indie brand, submit your interest form to sell your products on the show at this link.

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