Here's the good news. One of dM's (our founder and CEO) favorite things to do is to answer the questions of up and coming entrepreneurs. Backed by her 20 years of prowess and success in the entrepreneurial trenches, dM shoots straight from the hip with no-chaser advice you need to launch your business, clarify your brand message, build income streams, and have more fun as you do all of it!

Here's the bad news. dM receives so many virtual questions from so many different sources (email, social media, telephone, Facebook private message, blog comments, etc.) that she cannot possibly answer them in an effective and efficient manner … until now. We've created an easy way for you to ask Donna Maria your most pressing questions about how to launch, grow, and lead your business!

Simply click the image above to be take to the Maker Mastermind Facebook group. (It's free!) Click the JOIN button to join the group, and when you do, a window will pop up that allows you to type in your question for dM. It looks like this.

Just complete and submit your questions, and dM will answer them on an episode of Ask Donna Maria!

How to Join the Ask Donna Maria Show

The Ask Donna Maria Show will air live on Facebook at the Indie Business Network Facebook business page at this link.

The show will air Wednesdays at 1pm ET, and it will be recorded and posted to this blog and to YouTube in case you cannot attend in person.

Make sure you turn on your notifications if you want to receive a notification when dM goes live.

(Due to Donna Maria's life and family obligations, the day of the week and the time the show will air are subject to change from time to time. While she's like to be able to say that she can produce and host a show on the exact same day of every week, that's not possible at this season of her life as a mom of very active kids. So, we'll do our best to keep to that schedule, and we will change it when necessary, providing as much notice as possible of any changes. Thanks for understanding that!)

Ask Your Questions!

Remember to join the Maker Mastermind group here, and ask your question. If you are already a member of the group, you can still post questions, and since the group members are friendly and helpful, you are likely to receive assistance and recommendations from them.

Feedback and Share

We are so excited about this new event that will help entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Remember to ask your questions by joining the group, and then let your friends know that they can do the same on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.