Join the Indie Business Book Club

Hey! I'm Donna Maria, the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network and the chief cook and bottle washer around here. Thanks for visiting this page! If you're ready, you can join the Indie Business Book Club right now! (Membership is free.) If you're not sure whether our book club can help you achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality, read on to find out.

Indie Business Book Club Will You Achieve Your Goals!!

I am a highly curious person. My thirst for knowledge is endless, and I am constantly seeking new information I can use to improve my life and my business. Maybe you are the same way, reading a lot and learning a lot. But reading is a solitary adventure.

If you're like me, you may have discovered that implementing what you learn can be a lonely process. That's why I am re-launching the Indie Business Book Club today … so we can read, lead, and succeed together. Membership is free, and you can join today at this link.


From 2010 to 2013, I hosted a book club. We met weekly using a private Facebook group and a conference call line to dissect and apply what we learned, and to encourage each other. Among other books, we read one of my favorite books of all time: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. We also read Delivering Happiness, by Tony Hsieh and The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

How Indie Business Book Club Works

It's so easy. Around the middle of each month, I will either choose a book, or you will have an opportunity to vote on suggested books, to read during the following month. I will announce the new book in time for everyone to have a chance to purchase it via Audible (audio books), Kindle (tablet books), Amazon (hard copy books), or Indie Bound (when available).

I'll post the monthly suggested reading schedule in the private Facebook group. When available, author downloads and worksheets that enhance the reading experience will be added to the Files tab in the group.

During the week, I lead discussions and post questions designed to facilitate learning, growth, and implementation of the principles and ideas contained in the book. It is so much fun!

It will be so much fun!

We will read together.

We will lead together.

We will succeed together.

If you're ready, click here to get started now!