As the founder and CEO of the INDIE Business Network, dM lives and breathes the Maker and Handmade Entrepreneur industries.

If you'd like to really invest in your business, you'll enjoy a business consultation with dM. It's recorded and delivered to you as your own personal MP3 file so you can enjoy my tips on your iphone, iPad, or right from your desktop whenever you want. (A written transcript is also available for purchase after our session.)

You and dM will discuss more than business — you'll talk LIFE and how you want your business to complement yours. What kind of life do you want your business to provide for you? What will you need to do to make it happen? What foundational platforms must you put in place to achieve specific goals? We talk all this and more, and yes, dM makes the absolute most of your hour!

dM does not offer “cookie-cutter” or “feel good” consultations. She starts with a one-hour consultation so she can get to know a bit about you and make preliminary recommendations that will help you right off the bat. After an initial consultation and valuable direction, she will share recommendations for proceeding from there. You'll enjoy exclusive access to dM's extensive roster of suppliers, professional contractors, learning materials and more.

One-hour initial consultation