Welcome everyone, and thank you for visiting this page. The Indie Business Network is pleased to offer product liability insurance for soap and cosmetics makers throughout North America, including Canada! Here is some information to help you get started.

Product Liability Insurance for Canadian Makers and Artisans: a Mini-Faq

What is the price of coverage? $350, plus a $50 fee added by the Canadian brokers, for a total of $400 (CAN). The policy has a maximum $1M limit per occurrence, with a $2M aggregate.

Is there a deductible? The is no deductible for product liability insurance. Your policy comes with $5,000 in business personal property coverage (you can purchase more if desired), which has a $100 per claim deductible.

What types of products are covered? This program covers soaps and cosmetics such as lotions, perfume, bath bombs, sugar scrubs. It also covers jewelry and candles. We are working on adding other classes of products, but at this time, we just cover soap, cosmetics, jewelry and candles.

What does “handmade” mean? “Handmade” means you or someone under your control either makes your products from scratch by hand, or you purchase unscented and/or uncolored product in bulk and add your own scent, color, etc. If 80% or more of the products you sell are “handmade” within this definition, then they qualify for coverage under the policy.

What is the name of the insurance company? The insurance is provided by Great American Insurance.

What is the name of the insurance broker? The company that brokers the coverage is Steer Insurance.

May I add Additional Insureds? Yes. You may add an unlimited number of Additional Insureds for each year of policy coverage, at no additional cost.

How long does it take to get coverage? Your insurance coverage is bound immediately upon receipt of your payment, and you receive your insurance certificate right away via email. You can print it out or download it as a PDF to send to farmer's markets, retail stores, landlords, and anyone else who requires proof of your coverage.

We make the process simple, easy, and quick so you can get back to making your products and running your business!

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