Thanks for clicking through to this page from my Weekly Letter. I am so excited to tell you about this one-time opportunity.

You need a Community Consultation if you need help figuring out how to use Facebook to create community around your brand.

If you already know you want a Community Consultation, click the graphic to reserve yours now before the ten slots are gone.

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Remember, there are only ten of Community Consultations available, so don't delay. they will fill up quickly at this price. Not sure? Then read on to see if a Community Consultation is for you.

Are you Building Community Around Your Brand?

Are you build community around your brand? If not, you are probably leaving lots (and lots) of money on the table.

Community, not content, is king in business today. People don't just want to buy products. They want to buy experiences, and what better way to offer experiences to your customers than to actually be present with them on a regular basis, to answer their questions and meaningfully engage about the ideas and lifestyle issues that are important to them?

Yes, this takes more effort than just putting up a website and waiting for people to show up and buy stuff. But … that doesn't really work, does it?

And now that Facebook has all but hidden your Facebook Page unless you buy an ad (and then another ad, and another), it's more important than ever that you maximize Facebook in ways that work without pulverizing your bank account.

If you're not sure how to do this, you could really use a Community Consultation with me. And with the holidays coming, there's no better time to do this than NOW!

Book Your Community Consultation, and Leverage Community for the Holidays!

Your one-hour Community Consultation will help you establish a Facebook Group that helps to solidify your brand and keep your target customers engaged and excited about how you can serve them.

Here is what you get:

* My Community Consultation quick questionnaire to help you identify where you need help building community, which I personally review in advance

* Your one-hour phone session, recorded if you desire (at no additional charge), so you don't miss any of the golden nuggets we unexpectedly drop during our meeting (and there always are some!)

* A clear path forward to building a branded community that establishes you and your products as the “go to” duo in your field

This is not for people who need help starting a business.

A Community Consultation is about building community around an existing business — one that enjoys regular sales, but not enough to keep the lights on in a sustainable way. Click the graphic above or here to reserve your Community Consultation now!