7Velas LLC

  • Owner: Susana Verdecia
  • Member Since: September 2018
7Velas LLC will manufacture and sell wax products such as, but not limited to, candles and wax melts. 7Velas will manufacture and sell natural bath and body products such as, but not limited, to bar soap, liquid soap, body scrubs, body lotions, hair masks, face masks, etc...

826 & Co.

  • Owner: Jaime Masters
  • Member Since: June 2017

910 Leonard LLC

  • Owner: Larry Denton
  • Member Since: July 2019
A personal care products company with the motto "cosmetic chemistry and craft united". We currently have three products that could be available for sale: 1. A hair conditioner targeted to the ethnic market. 2. A lip balm with nothing titled "wax" in the product. 3. A bug repellant made from essential oils. No DEET. No Picardin.

A Glowing Trend Handcrafted Candles

  • Owner: Carolyn Griffin
  • Member Since: October 2018
Handcrafted candles. Hopefully soap and body products someday!

A Li’l Soy, Salt & Sugar LLC Luxury Candles and Ba

  • Owner: Billye Hardy
  • Member Since: January 2020
Hand made soy, soy blend candles as well as bath and body products.

A Mother’s Nature

  • Owner: Amanda Sloan
  • Member Since: May 2018

A Pinch of Lavender LLC

  • Owner: Lee Ann Nielsen
  • Member Since: October 2015
Lavender Farm growing l. angustifolia for crafting and crafting purposes.

A Slice of Delight

  • Owner: Hilary Goldman
  • Member Since: December 2014
A Slice of Delight - is all about serving you aromatic happiness through handcrafted, visually and artistically appealing soaps. My goal is to help create a moment of fun and pleasure in your day when you reach for my soap - be it in the bath, shower or at the kitchen sink. Created for all ages from 5 to 105. A Slice of Delight is headquartered in Berkeley, California in a 2 story - 1920's bungalow period home where I have lived for the past 20 years. My business consists of me, myself and I - doing it all. Along with the household fan club and cheer-leading squad - of my husband and identical twin boys. I use the highest quality ingredients - moisture rich glycerin base formulated locally, eye-popping colors, and fun fragrances that might spark a nostalgic memory - all of which come from reputable and independent bath and body suppliers. There is also a conscious effort for me to minimize waste in our world by choosing bio-degradable packaging and re-use of shipping/packing materials as often as possible.

A Soul Revival

  • Owner: Tova Stroman
  • Member Since: April 2019
A Soul Revival is a small company located in Henderson, NV. My primary products include candles and bath and beauty products. All products are handcrafted using quality ingredients. No expense has been spared in creating beautiful products. I believe in quality versus quantity. I have created these products for several years and due to the response and requests to purchase I am now launching as a real business! I have far too many small businesses asking to purchase and sell my products in their stores. I can update the information requested below in the near future as I set up additional social media accounts.

A Spirit of Joy by JBJ Unlimited, LLC

  • Member Since: February 2017
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