• Owner: Hendrika Terelst
  • Member Since: December 2011

Ba6 Marketing

  • Owner: Christine Laureano
  • Member Since: January 2012
Writing strong content that attracts devoted customers! Content marketing may not sound super sexy - but it works! Get back to basics by writing content that people want to read! Use the RIGHT words to write great copy, reach more people and build your following of loyal customers! Copywriting and Content Marketing for the Creative Entrepreneur.

Back Porch Soap Company

  • Owner: Marla Bosworth
  • Member Since: December 2019
Back Porch Soap Company, founded in 1998 by Marla Bosworth, manufacturers natural skincare products with the focus on spiritual energy. Marla hosts workshops in organic soapmaking, candle making and plant-based skincare. Marla leads experiential workshops that engage and empower students with knowledge in healing, natural skincare formulation. Marla is a medicine woman, combining shamanic practices and intuitive soul coaching.

Backyard Candles

  • Owner: Justin Healy
  • Member Since: September 2018
By combining coconuts with unique fragrances, we have created a perfect blend of exception scent and unique aesthetics. All of our candles are made from the highest quality ingredients. We use selective fragrances and essential oils to provide an aromatic bliss that is both rejuvenating and refreshing.

Badger Mountain Farm

  • Owner: Merne Wilson
  • Member Since: April 2019
Handcrafted Misc. items, Soap, up-cycle apparels etc.


  • Owner: Josephine West
  • Member Since: August 2020
Badgerwick is a company based in Alpharetta, Georgia that creates and sells candles inspired by fiction.

Bahia Honey Beauty and Well-being

  • Owner: Bahia Overton
  • Member Since: January 2014
Bahia Honey was born from my personal quest to find an effective moisturizer for my daughter's dry skin. 10 years later, many people nationally and internationally are raving about Bahia Honey.

Bain Amour Bath & Body Company LLC

  • Owner: Theresa Richard
  • Member Since: July 2016
Bain Amour was created out of a need to produce products that would help with our kids' sensitive skin. We saw first hand what goat milk soap did for them, and we were hooked. Thanks to an amazing friend, I was taught the art of goat milk soap making. After researching different oils and butters, and how they worked on the skin, I developed my soap recipe. It was amazing to see the difference in the appearance of our skin compared to commercial soaps. It was a game changer for our family. I knew that I wanted to create products that are not only healthy for the skin, but also safe for my family. Reducing the number of ingredients and choosing oils and butters that are beneficial for the skin was my first goal. Keeping these products affordable for families was my second. Being the mom for 4 growing boys, I understand that buying an item like handcrafted soap or bath bombs can seem like a guilty pleasure...something you only do on special occasions. You deserve to give your skin (and your family's skin), the best treatment with high quality products that are safe, ingredients you can easily identify, and handcrafted for you. We are honored that you choose us to provide you with the products that nurture the most important part of your body. From our soap, to our lotions, to our bath bombs, we are here to guide you through keeping your skin healthy.

Balance Botanicals Inc

  • Owner: Theresa DeMarco
  • Member Since: February 2019
Hand crafted aromatherapy products

Balanced Lotus Wellness

  • Owner: Alexa Lizotte
  • Member Since: August 2020
Wellness & small craft business. Reiki, energy work, and artisan goods.
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