Thomas Therapeutics, LLC

  • Owner: Erin White
  • Member Since: May 2020
Skincare products made for sensitive skin and skin ailments

Urban Tranquility LLC

  • Owner: Kim Jones
  • Member Since: January 2013

Violet Botanical Skincare

  • Owner: Robbin Turner
  • Member Since: April 2018

Xpressive Mocha LLC

  • Owner: Vivian Jamison
  • Member Since: July 2021
Moisturizing plant-based bath and body products for women and men infused with coffee and tea to aid in dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Appropriate for any skin type.

Young Hope Candle Company

  • Owner: Jasmine Young
  • Member Since: July 2021
Black owned candles company making quality products and supporting children's educational dreams!
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