Essentially K LLC

  • Owner: Kathy Schwab
  • Member Since: June 2020
Essentially K LLC is a home based organic skincare company. I have 3 products: REAP which I have a trademark on the name. REAP is an organic insect repellent and cooling antioxidant moisturizing body spray all in one. The other two products are moisturizing body sprays (Cool Blend and Warm Blend). The products have essential oils, rosewater, aloe vera, vitamin E, green tea, witch hazel, Coconut oil, etc. The products are hand made in small batches from home.

Essentials by DK

  • Owner: David Kropp
  • Member Since: March 2016
I am a Certified Aromatherapist and I would like to help you by supporting your body to perform/function to it's fullest potential, without the added use of chemicals or additives by using natural essential oils and other plant materials.

Essentials By Jaz

  • Owner: Jasmine Cisneros
  • Member Since: May 2020
Hand made candles

Essentials by Stefanie

  • Owner: Stefanie Henderlin
  • Member Since: March 2020
I make and sell herbal/essential oil preparations for body, bath, health (ex. massage rubs, scar balms).

Essentials North West

  • Owner: Andrea Jacques
  • Member Since: October 2019
Hand poured, small batch soy candles with phthalate free fragrances and cotton or wood wicks.

Establo Blanco

  • Member Since: July 2020
An eco-luxury goods company for home and body, handmade and small batch, organic and non-GMO as possible.

Eternal Returns Llc

  • Owner: Keegan Fioravanti
  • Member Since: October 2018
Eternal Returns is a Nashville based social business with a goal of bringing environmental awareness to the forefront of our local and global community. We believe that we can empower people to be conscious consumers and members of society simply by providing eco-friendly products and sustainable services. In 2013, Eternal Returns was founded by husband and wife team, Keegan and Haleigh Fioravanti. What started out as a local recycling company, grew into an upcycling passion project. Most people saw waste; we saw potential. The recycling we picked up from local businesses was upcycled and reclaimed into brand new quality products. Glass was turned into candle containers and pallets were turned into furniture. And while we have changed immensely over the years, our core values have stayed the same - to create 100% ethically produced and sustainably made products that our customers can feel good about.

Etre Bien

  • Owner: Victoria Marinelli
  • Member Since: July 2018

Etta + Billie LLC

  • Owner: Alana Rivera
  • Member Since: December 2011


  • Owner: Charla Jones
  • Member Since: March 2018
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