• Owner: Jessica Harrington
  • Member Since: September 2022
candle making

Flora ex Machina

  • Owner: Alexandra Weil
  • Member Since: January 2022
Holistic Nutritionist offering services, courses and skincare products


  • Owner: Natalie King
  • Member Since: August 2022
We are a personalizable, hair wellness brand for women with textured hair.

Florastill LLC

  • Owner: John Williams
  • Member Since: September 2018
Grower and distiller of organically grown Rosa damascena

Flourish Beauty Lab

  • Owner: Kirsten Connor
  • Member Since: December 2011
We create hair & skincare for the sophisticated purist who wants to consciously choose products that are made with integrity and beautifully layered with aromatherapy, organic ingredients and wildflower infusions.

Flower Moon Botanica

  • Owner: Sandra Watson
  • Member Since: February 2022
Flower Moon Botanica specializes is self-care products such as ritual bath salts, bath bombs, candles, and specialty soap. I only craft ritual and spell oils. Manifestation and self-care!

Flower Power Lab, LLC

  • Owner: Nancy Culver
  • Member Since: March 2021
Making products using essential oils, CBD and carrier oils which I have infused myself (using Kami McBride training). My products include Green Cleaning, Skin care, and Pain/Inflammation care. I will also be teaching classes to make products. I am certified Aromatherapist and Labcannamist.

FLWR Napa Valley

  • Owner: Jessica Mennella
  • Member Since: April 2022
FLWR Napa Valley offers a line of handmade small-batch perfumes and aura mists made by Jessica Mennella, perfumer and scent instructor. We also offer classes in scent, including perfume classes, scent and sensory classes, and scents classes for wine professionals.

Fog and Fire, LLC

  • Owner: Christopher Schmitz
  • Member Since: December 2020
Fog and Fire is an eco-friendly creative shop that aims to inspire people to develop a deeper connection with nature. We currently offer hand-made candles, called Nature Inspired Journeys, and photography prints, called Pleasing Perspective's.

Fog and Flame Candle Company L.L.C

  • Owner: Kara Falck
  • Member Since: April 2019
Fog and Flame Candle Co is a homemade candle business headquartered on Nantucket Island, MA. After spending many grey days making our as a hobby, we decided to start our business in 2019. Each of our candles in hand-crafted and inspired by quintessential Nantucket scents and places. We hope the burning a candle in your home evokes some of your favorite island memories or dreams of visiting. We specialize in hand-poured soy container candles, hand-dipped soy tapers, and hand-rolled beeswax candles.
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