Health Begins From Within

  • Owner: Tiffany Cripps
  • Member Since: August 2021
Health Begins From Within provides Health Promotion and Wellness Services. We help you achieve your wellness goals and provide products to facilitate self-care.

Healthy Oils For All

  • Owner: Shelayne Fico
  • Member Since: September 2022
Aromatherapy and Animal Aromatherapy

Heart & Soul Spa, Inc.

  • Owner: Julie Shah
  • Member Since: November 2017

Heart Lights Design Studio

  • Owner: Dawn Schliesser
  • Member Since: July 2021
I create personal transformation experiences by engaging all the senses using hand-poured candles, candle meditations, and custom journal prompts bundled together around a central theme like self-love, self-compassion, confidence, peace, etc. (currently rebranding and resetting everything)

Heart Scents Candles LLC

  • Owner: Kimberly Rao
  • Member Since: July 2020
Heart Scents Candles currently sells candles, wax melts and sugar scrubs. We are expanding to include bath bombs and soap.


  • Owner: Michelle Cohn
  • Member Since: June 2021
I do Lash lifts as well as candle making

Heather Horst

  • Owner: Heather Horst
  • Member Since: January 2019
I am a holistic nurse and a massage therapist in private practice. I make soaps and deodorants free of synthetic fragrances and other toxic ingredients. Most of my ingredients are certified organic or locally produced according to strict quality standards.


  • Owner: Amber Pollard
  • Member Since: December 2020
Wellness products for the body & soul.

Heavenly Hands

  • Owner: Iris Burrer
  • Member Since: October 2021
I make a homemade hand cream using several different products.

Heavenly Home Inspirations

  • Owner: Cynthia Burchell
  • Member Since: January 2018
Handmade candles, wax melts, bath and body products
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