Into The Roots Intuitive Healing

  • Owner: Jamie Ashley
  • Member Since: February 2022
I am a reiki master and I make Reiki infused essential oil soaps, candles, wax melts, bath bombs, rollers and room sprays and other various aromatherapy type products.

Iron Clover Candle Company, LLC

  • Owner: Justine Bergman
  • Member Since: May 2021
Video game inspired candles, wax melts and room sprays

Island Fresh Skincare

  • Owner: Marilyn Dice
  • Member Since: February 2021
Handcrafted, small batch luxury soaps, bath and body care with an emphasis on dry, mature and sensitive skin. Hand poured soy candles to compliment the experience.

It’s a Beautiful Life Boutique

  • Owner: Natalie Bossence
  • Member Since: December 2021
Online boutique featuring handmade soy candles, bath bombs, soaps, soaks and more, plus fun jewelry!

IVITA Botanicals

  • Owner: Ivy Zwicker
  • Member Since: December 2013
Our skin protects us; it is our introduction to the world. At IVITA, we believe in helping you protect and promote the most radiant skin possible with our pure nourishing skin care blends. IVITA botanicals uses the purest and most beneficial botanicals to create luxurious crèmes, serums, scrubs and toners. Our focus is for you to be botanically beautiful through the vibrant qualities in our ingredients, specifically formulated for all skin types. Our mission is to assist you in promoting skin care health through gently encouraging cellular turnover, revealing radiant and healthy skin without the use of artificial or toxic ingredients. Our skin is exposed to so many environmental exposures...some we can control and some we can't. It's part of living in our fast paced world. We are exposed to myriad of unwanted chemicals, preservatives and toxins each day. Our bodies are doing their best to clear our systems of unwanted exposures. Why not give your body a boost by feeding your skin what it wants, leaving out the things it doesn't? IVITA is healthy product that uses high quality plant based ingredientst. We organically grow many herbs our Texas hill country garden. IVITA is pure toxin free plant based goodness - your skin and body will thank you! Say no to toxin ridden cosmetics and say yes to IVITA - the good stuff your skin craves. Unleash your skin's smile today! IVITA botanicals: pure & luxurious plant based skin care

Ivy Rose Naturals

  • Owner: Jon Mullikin
  • Member Since: March 2022
Ivy Rose Naturals 100% Natural Products Handmade in Small Batches Products that promote a chemical-free and environmentally aware lifestyle.
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