Janegee, llc

  • Owner: Sophie and Jane Arthene
  • Member Since: January 2012
janegee is a well-being company. We manufacturer 100% natural products. We currently have an online store offering services in nutritional skincare and nail care. janegee also curates other lifestyle items to support women in business. janegee we believe you don't have to compromise your health for beauty. Natural is how are meant to be. We bring an abiding love and respect to everything we do and make. Our pure products for skin and hair care are naturally created using the worlds finest, most nourishing ingredients. It's all part of a philosophy of clean living we'd like to share with you.

Janella D, Inc

  • Owner: Althea McBride
  • Member Since: August 2020
Janella D is a luxury skincare and cosmetics brand with over 60 products shipping nationwide. It launched June of 2020 and has garnered celebrity endorsements, global publishings, and a large support base so much that the product packaging and website are getting a new luxury redesign!

Jars of Joy LLC

  • Owner: Ashley LaFleur
  • Member Since: November 2021
Jars of Joy LLC is your one-stop shop for handmade gifts for today's modern Christian woman. We sell Scripture cards, shirts, Bible verse candles, and personalized wall art.

Jazzmine cameron

  • Owner: Jazzmine Cameron
  • Member Since: September 2023
candle making

JCATS Janitorial

  • Owner: Turner Bassett
  • Member Since: August 2023
JCATS Janitorial loves to clean anything - but our bread and butter is commercial space. We offer many serves for homeowners, property managers and contractors. JCATS Janitorial offers consistent quality you can count on

JD Candle INC

  • Owner: Justin Deravin
  • Member Since: February 2019
Candle making

JDG Scent Co.

  • Owner: Wendy Mayne
  • Member Since: May 2021
Selling Candles and other Scented products

Jean Bee Apothecary

  • Owner: Jean Byrd
  • Member Since: June 2023
Jean Bee Apothecary uses botanical formulations and constituents to make soaps, serums, creams, lip balms, scrubs, salves, oils, body butters, aromatherapy blends, candles and more. All products are small batch produced and made with herbs grown in my own garden when possible.

Jen & Jute Candle Co.

  • Owner: Jen Johnson
  • Member Since: August 2020
Jen & Jute Candle Co. strives to bring you high-end candles and crafts affordably.

Jenny King Photography

  • Owner: Jenny King
  • Member Since: June 2023
I am photographer serving the Jersey City, NJ and NYC Tri-State area. I specialize in creating headshots and other visual content for women of color creatives, corporate executives and small business brands to help them stand out from their competitors.
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