Plants & Poses

  • Owner: Bryn Sowash
  • Member Since: October 2020
Exploring wellness through the intersection and synergy of yoga and herbalism. Creating sustainable habits for our bodies and our earth. Empowering others to take wellness into their own hands. Rekindling our relationship to nature. Shifting perspectives to promote sustainability. Slowing down.https

Play Pits

  • Owner: Chantel Powell
  • Member Since: June 2020
Play Pits is a natural deodorant, made by a Mother's love, perfect for the entire family.

Plymouth Soapworks

  • Owner: Angie Miller
  • Member Since: September 2020
Small-batch, handcrafted natural, plastic-free, ecofriendly bath, beauty, and home products that are luxurious that you can afford.

Poetic Madness

  • Owner: Heidi Krohnert
  • Member Since: April 2020
A handmade, small batch botanical skin care and perfume company.

Pond Lane Candle Co

  • Owner: Lauren Sacco
  • Member Since: November 2019
Dough Bowl Candle

Pooka Pure & Simple

  • Owner: Dawn Fitch
  • Member Since: May 2011


  • Owner: Joenetta Johnson
  • Member Since: September 2020
Homemade beauty products

Portaleo Candles

  • Owner: Karen Portaleo
  • Member Since: September 2018
Candles designed and hand poured by Karen Portaleo.

Porten’s on 15th

  • Owner: Joseph Porten
  • Member Since: July 2020
We produce high quality sow wax scented candles that our hand poured from our home on 15th street in Speedway Indiana

Possets Perfume

  • Owner: Tom Murphy
  • Member Since: April 2017
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