Simply Earth Soaps

  • Owner: Mary Maston
  • Member Since: February 2020
We make handmade soaps

Simply Ingredients

  • Owner: Valerie George
  • Member Since: January 2020
Simply Ingredients is an accessible apothecary of thoughtfully-sourced, high-quality raw ingredients curated to empower and educate the inner DIY alchemist to craft personalized, homemade products.

Simply Lavender Farm

  • Owner: Marcie Sextro
  • Member Since: December 2018
Simply Lavender Farm has all-natural ingredient skincare products for your family using the calming, antiseptic properties of Lavender Essential Oil combined with other essential oils to nourish and moisturize your skin. Based in Nebraska, Dean and Marcie have a small field of lavender as well and pride themselves on Natural ingredients, Pretty packaging~Simply Lavender Farm.

Simply Luna

  • Owner: Jennifer Snyder
  • Member Since: September 2018
Small handcrafted soap making

Simply Refined

  • Owner: Amy Wyscaver
  • Member Since: July 2020
Natural and Organic Skin Care

Simply Scotti

  • Owner: Tracy Erin
  • Member Since: October 2020
Manufacture and sell handmade candles, using natural and clean ingredients.

Simply Skin, LLC (dba Simply Skin Essentials)

  • Owner: Paulene Shellman
  • Member Since: December 2019
I am a licensed esthetician, and my company provides skin care, permanent makeup and brow and lash services, along with retailing skin care products. Some of the products are ones that I make myself as well as some custom products I have formulated through a local manufacturing company.

Simply soy and scent

  • Owner: Erica Giannantonio
  • Member Since: April 2019
Hand made natural soy wax candles and melts

Simply Starting Fresh

  • Owner: Danielle Dalton
  • Member Since: March 2020
Specialty soaps

Simply Sugared OC

  • Owner: Stacia Russell
  • Member Since: August 2020
Hair removal service that sells cosmetics, candles and soap.
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