Programmer + Web Developer

Tenika is a coding genius. Whenever Indie Business needs something done that a template or traditional automation cannot handle, Tenika puts on her Super Coder Cape, and hooks us up like a champ. When the right hand needs to hand the baton off to the left hand behind the scenes, Tenika writes the code to…

Database + Automation Specialist

Jeff maintains our organized member database and clean back office. His expertise combines over 25 years of search engine optimization and database automation to provide IBN with comprehensive member database management services.

Entrepreneur Mentor

With over two decades as a successful maker entrepreneur under her belt, Teri is uniquely qualified to mentor our members as an Indie Business Blueprint Entrepreneur Mentor. As a wife an mom, she also understands the importance of an integrated and balanced life. Teri is also an certified athletic trainer and coach, and has been…

Brand Experience Specialist

Chelsea helps to execute the brand experience of the Indie Business Network by supporting relationships and nurturing brand loyalty. She uses her considerable organizational and planning skills to reflect IBN’s core values to the world. Chelsea’s work is designed to consistently improve the internal and external collaborations that are the lifeblood of our brand. 

Director of Operations

Jennifer is the glue that keeps the Indie Business team connected and on task. She is our WordPress design and maintenance professional and our main graphic artist. In addition to ensuring that our websites hum smoothly and always look neat and tidy, Jennifer is a trusted business advisor whose entrepreneurial instincts and project-management skills are…