Indie Business Network is THE place to be if you are an artisan/entrepreneur. I joined about 7 years ago (maybe more?) and it has consistently been the one thing that has made the biggest impact on both my business and my personal life. Donna Maria is a natural, effective, no-nonsense-yet-compassionate leader. Her guidance and wisdom WILL make you a better business owner and a better person. One of the aspects I most appreciate about Donna Maria and Indie Business Network is the principle that your business is to be woven into the fabric of your life, not the other way around. You as a person count more than your business, but business is never neglected. It's just that IBN gives you the tools and the mental framework to keep the various facets of business ownership in their proper places while you truly live out each day to you personal and professional potential. I can't imagine owning a business and not being a part of IBN.