Joining this group, hands down and without question, has been the best thing that I have done for my business. The contacts I've made, the information that I've gotten has changed the course of my business. The supportiveness, the helpfulness of the group makes me feel that I am never alone to figure out a problem, to vent or to celebrate! Thank you DM for providing us with this wonderful resource and for your gentle, kind guiding hand.

Renan KennedySans Skincare, IBN Member since 2013

“Donna Maria is trailblazer. She is a constant beacon of light leading the way for others to follow and pursue their own dreams. Women and men across America have created businesses that support the lifestyle of their dreams under the wings of Donna Maria. She has broken every limiting rule that could have held her back. Not only has she built her own corporate ladder, but she has shown anyone, willing to learn from her, how to build their own ladder.”

Kayla FioravantiOlogy Essentials - IBN Member since 2014

My membership to the Indie Business Network has been invaluable to my business! No other place will you find makers, who often make the same things, never competing against each other, but rather lifting each other up, helping each other, and supporting one another. It is truly a incredibly unique, and priceless dynamic that is hard to find other places. When I have a business or industry type of question, this group is the absolute first place I go for help and suggestions. The members are genuine, and are honestly a remarkable group of people. Donna Maria's vision for the network is progressive and inspiring! Very grateful for this group and how they have facilitated growth in my business.

Stacey Ann Venturabe blends - IBN Member since 2015