Thank you so much, Donna Maria! Being a member of Maker Mastermind has helped me in so many ways. I have learned how to set (and change) goals, and how to figure out the necessary steps to achieve my goals. This may sound simple, but it’s not easy, especially when life gets in the way. Being a Maker Mastermind member helps keep me accountable and motivates me when I am losing focus. It’s a great place to learn and be lifted up together. I am excited and I look forward to working through the next quarter with you!

Jennifer Watt: Jenny the Hemp Goddess, Armada, Michigan

Joining Maker Mastermind was one of the best business decisions I made! It provides an atmosphere where I can share challenges freely, ask questions, and get constructive feedback. Everyone shares their knowledge and is willing to help. Maker Mastermind has shown me how to break challenges into bite size pieces, which has prevented overwhelm and helped me achieve several of my goals. I look forward to the New Year with great expectations. Thanks Donna Maria and my Maker Mastermind Family!

Cheryl Keys: Keys 4 Life, Laurel, Maryland

Maker Mastermind has really helped my business grow and flourish this year. Prior to joining, I didn’t know prioritize my work and was in a constant state of overwhelm.  I needed a group that could provide feedback, offer support, and help me navigate the challenges of being a small business owner. Thanks to Maker Mastermind and Donna Maria, I’ve gotten all of that and MORE. I love the accountability that Maker Mastermind provides and in our weekly meetings we get to celebrate wins, mastermind problems, and create quarterly goals that are attainable. I highly recommend Maker Mastermind to anyone who's looking to bring their business to the next level and have lots of fun while doing it!

Patty H. Liu: Free Flow Botanicals, San Francisco, California

I would totally recommend Maker Mastermind to any creative entrepreneur! It's a great way to meet your peers and bounce ideas off of each other. It's good to know that you're not alone in the indie world. There's other makers who have the same issue as you so don't feel like your in this by yourself. It's good to be surrounded by like-minded people. It was worth the travel all the way from San Francisco. I got a lot of information and ideas from going. I am excited and determined to finally get my products out there.

Maribel Slater: Lumora Luxe, Fremont, California

We accomplished a lot that day without feeling drained. It felt good to connect with people who understand, and know that we’re not alone. We’re Makers together.

Donna DeRosa: Donna DeRosa Coaching, Washington Township, New Jersey

Maker Mastermind was amazing. It was a great opportunity to build relationships with other local makers and get clarity on which challenges are most important to focus on in our own businesses.

Vanessa Nixon Klein: Herbs of Grace Mossyrock, Washington

Maker Mastermind exceeded my expectations in so many ways! Donna Maria is truly a mastermind when it comes to taking a realistic look at where a business is and recognizing what needs to be done to move things forward. Even though I had to take a hard look at things I've been doing wrong (eek!), I'm more confident than I've ever been that I can do what's needed to help my business thrive.

Jill Sarmiento: Curious Nature Apothecary, West Greenwich, Rhode Island

The business model that Donna Maria presented and brainstorming ideas helped to bring my business to the next level.

Viktoriya Hopperstad: Vika’s Essentials, Burnsville, Minnesota

Maker Mastermind let me know I'm not alone in my struggles and concerns. It is so reassuring to talk with others who've ‘been there, done that' and are successful. Also, the nitty gritty biz advice from taxes and hiring employees, to learning new ways to get the most out of social media, how to write a business plan, the right and wrong ways to handle sticky situations, and what mental attitude is necessary when approaching potential important clients. Invaluable, and it will take me several days or weeks to digest all this information!

Michele Zagorski: Zagorski Oasis, Ashland, Oregon

The Maker Mastermind was an incredible experience! Donna Maria's genuine passion for what she does and those she serves was evident from the moment we met. I especially appreciated the candid “tough love” and the inspiring words of encouragement she and others provided. We laughed, we cried, we shared….and we learned how to direct our passion into a more profitable business.

Heather Lux: True North Beauty, Lake View Plantation, Maine

Maker Mastermind got me out of my own head. I was able to get practical strategies, tool and techniques that boosted my business right on the spot! Even better, I received a roadmap for the next couple of months.

Michelle Campbell: Spice Well Co., Jersey City, New Jersey

Maker Mastermind was an opportunity to stop and smell my business. It supported me in setting measurable 30-day goals. It didn't leave me to do it alone, but I have several like-minded accountability partners to check in on me to see how I'm doing.”

La Shonda Tyree: Soap Coach, Paterson, New Jersey

Donna Maria has a wealth of knowledge and exudes positive energy and insight. If you are looking for a small group setting to collaborate with other business owners in the maker community, this is the conference for you.

Lisa Kennally: Wild Air Skincare, Madison, Connecticut

Maker Mastermind will move your business to the next level right before your eyes. It's worth more than the airfare alone. It's eye opening and a way to really grasp who your target client is and how to proceed to reach them. I went, and I can tell you that my business is not the same as it was.

Sandy Engels: The Purple Sage, Ethel, Louisiana

Maker Mastermind really allowed me the safe space to dream and challenge myself to make my business the one I've always wanted it to be. So glad I made the investment in myself and my business!”

Michelle Deken Midnight Scentworks, O’Fallon, Missouri

I came to the Chicago Maker Mastermind, weary and droopy eyed. I wasn't sure what I needed, but dM was quick to see what I did need. She helped me reign in the shiny object issue, so many makers deal with with. She is quick with ideas and full of fun ways to infuse more energy in your business. dM is an engaging speaker and has the gift of encouragement. I would definitely do one of these again! Thanks so much for this opportunity and giving me clarity again!

Ann Kuchera Stoll: Blossom’s Barn, Melvin, Illinois