Episode 48: Toushonta Hogan of Scent_sa-tional Soaps [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this episode, I'll introduce you to Toushonta of Scent_sa-tional Soaps in Los Angeles, CA. As you'll hear on this episode, Toushonta has had two phases of her business. The first was a warmup phase, which ended when she worked through a bit of an entrepreneurial desert as she dug deep into herself to decide whether she wanted to really pursue a business. The second is a kind of blast off, take no prisoners phase, which she is enjoying now.


You will literally hear the excitement in her voice, as Toushonta describes finding her target audience, creating systems that work, and utilizing a vast support network to boost productivity and results – and have more FUN. Get your weekly entrepreneurial vitamin dose in this uplifting and invigorating episode of the Indie Business Podcast. Enjoy my interview with Toushonta NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

  1. The beginning of Scent_sa-tional Soaps, including Toushonta's passage trough the entrepreneurial desert. (starting at 2:17)
  2. A bit about the Scent_sa-tional Soaps business model. (starting at 9:15)
  3. How to decide which maker shows will be worth your time to participate in. (starting at 11:49)
  4. How Toushonta successfully fits her business around her life, and tips to help you do the same. (starting at 13:48)
  5. Toushonta's once-a-week entrepreneurial support call and accountability group, and the importance of networking. (starting at 17:15)
  6. Toushonta's daughter's business. (starting at 20:25)
  7. Scent_sa-tional Soaps' various different income streams, and how everything fits together. (starting at 24:25)
  8. How Toushonta manages the Scent_sa-tional Soaps fundraising program. (starting at 29:14)
  9. The importance of being open to new ideas and unexpected opportunities, while being strategic about which ones to pursue and which ones to turn down. (starting at 34:10)
  10. Rapid fire interrogation. (starting at 37:43

Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

At the Indie Business Network, we believe in rolling up our sleeves. Success does not come by listening to the Indie Business Podcast. It comes by taking action based on the things you hear on the show. Success leaves clues, and we believe in following them. Here are 3 actions you can consider taking right now based on my interview with Toushonta.

  1. Work through your own personal desert: I'm so grateful for Toushonta's ability to remove the veil and just be down to earth honest about how she struggled to decide whether entrepreneurship was for her. I want you to listen very carefully to that part, maybe replay it, especially if you are a new business owner, because you need to know that depression can sometimes be a part of entrepreneurship. It's not all fun and roses. It's not always the upbeat picture you see on Facebook. Sometimes, it stinks, but if you push your way through, as Toushonta did, you can see that the payoff is huge.
  2. Find your people: Did you catch the part where Toushonta said that, once you find your target audience, everything starts to flow more easily? I didn't say it became easy, and neither did she, but you can begin to get into a groove when you are clear about who you are serving and how yur products can benefit them specifically.
  3. Create reliable support systems: Toushonta is a great example of how entrepreneurs should establish multiple support systems. She has hr family. Sh has her maker friends. She has her wholesale customers like the boutique where she hosts Soothing Saturdays. She is a member of the Indie Business Network. She joined me on IndieCruise and went to other events where she could learn and grow with like-minded people. Get out of your studio and be a part of your community.

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Social media: Facebook; Instagram

Festival: Strawberry Fest, Oxnard, California

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Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, by Steven Covey

Entrepreneurial retreat: #IndieCruise

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Boutique and Soothing Saturdays: All That and More Boutique, Culver City, CA

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