One of the benefits of Indie Business Network membership is affordable product liability insurance. Our insurance is priced separately from membership. Once you join IBN, you will receive a link via email to purchase your insurance. To learn more, please browse our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don't see your answer here, contact us!

Artisan Food and Beverage Coverage

What types of businesses are covered?

The program covers food businesses such as food trailers, commercial kitchen renters, food trucks, farmers market vendors, caterers, personal and private chefs, concessionaires, and liquor liability.

What are the accepted business types under the program?

Here is a partial list of the types of businesses covered under the program: Baked Goods, Bake Sale, Beverage Carts, Catering, Concessions, Concession Trailers, Cottage Food Law, Culinary Businesses, Food Carts, Food Distributors, Food Manufacturing, Food Trailers, Food Trucks, Hot Dog Carts, Personal/Private Chefs, Pushcarts, Lemonade  Stands, College Food Vendors & Caterers, Wedding Catering, Commercial Kitchens (Food Vendors), Greek Festivals (Food Vendors), Farmers Markets (Food Vendors), Food Festivals (Food Vendors), Expo Centers (Food Vendors), State Fairs (Food Vendors), County Fairs (Food Vendors), Swap Meets (Food Vendors), Cake Makers and Decorators, Home Based Bakery, Home Food Business, Vendor Insurance, Street Food, Vendors Gyro Stands/Carts, Snow Cone Shacks, Shaved Ice Stands,, Renaissance Festivals (Food Vendors), Medieval Festivals (Food Vendors) …

What types of businesses are excluded under the proram?

A partial list of the types of businesses that are not covered is: medical invasive products, suppositories, nutraceuticals, drugs, medicines, nutrition consulting, vitamins, nutritional supplements, tobacco related products, e-cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes, cosmetics, grocery stores and supermarkets, weight loss products, health and nutrition coaches, any product containing cannabidiol (CBD), hemp, or hemp extracts, baby food, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages. This is a partial list. Please contact us if you have questions about other types of products.

How do I know if my product is “handmade” for purposes of the coverage?

For purpose of this coverage, “handmade” means you either made the product from scratch by hand yourself, someone under your control made the product from scratch by hand, or you purchased the unscented, unflavored and/or uncolored product in bulk and added your own scent, flavor and/or color and/or other additive, and the poured, packaged, and labeled the product yourself. If 80% or more of your products are “handmade” within this definition, then they qualify for coverage under this policy. If less than 80% of your products are NOT “handmade” within this definition, then you may qualify for the Non-Handmade Candles, Jewelry, Soap, Cosmetics (includes Topical Hemp CBD) program also described on this page.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your product is covered, please contact us.

How does the coverage apply to caterers?

Enjoy insurance with coverage options that protect your liability and equipment as you prepare, deliver, and serve food at multiple locations.

How does the coverage apply to farmers market food vendors?

Participating in farmers markets is a great opportunity for your business, and this program supplies the liability coverage you need.

How does the coverage apply to food carts and trucks?

Your food cart is your business: insure your liability and equipment from any incidents that may occur. Coverage for non-premise specific liability insurance is also available so your coverage can travel with you. Food trailer endorsements available.

How does the coverage apply to personal and private chefs?

Whether you work from home or work at multiple venues, the program offers insurance that covers your work at any location.

How does the coverage apply to concessionaires?

Whether you sell hot dogs, candy, kettle corn, or any other food, the program offers the coverages you need.

Who is the Insurance Carrier?

How much does the insurance cost?

$1,000,000 annual aggregate coverage is $275 per annum, or $2,000,000 annual aggregate coverage is $330 per annum. Additional premiums will apply for larger companies and for those requiring additional coverage.

When should I purchase coverage?

You can purchase coverage anytime, so long as you are a current member of the Indie Business Network. If you are not a member and you purchase or renew insurance through this program, it will be canceled unless the membership is brought current. A purchased policy will expire a year from the day it was purchased. While Indie Business Network membership and insurance are purchased separately, and you do not have to purchased them on the same date, we encourage you to purchase both on the same date so you do not have to track two renewal dates.

How do I increase coverage from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000?

If you already have $1,000,000 in coverage, or if you have $2,000,000 in coverage and want to increase to more, please contact Insurance Customer Service at 844-520-6994 or for assistance.

Can I pay for my insurance in installments?

Is the insurance premium refundable?

If I sell my business, is the policy transferable to the new owner?

No. The new owner would have to procure their own coverage.

Does obtaining this insurance change my Indie Business Network membership dues, or any of my other Indie Business Network member benefits?

No, it simply adds to your benefits.

Is there minimum annual revenue requirement with this insurance?

Is there a maximum annual revenue cap with this insurance?

No, but if this program is significantly insufficient for your commercial manufacturing and/or retail establishment, your premium may be higher.

How do I purchase product liability insurance through this program?

Simply join Indie Business Network as a full member. After your membership dues are processed, you will receive a link to the page to secure your insurance. Complete the short form, submit payment, and your new insurance certificate will be emailed to you right away. It's that easy!

How does the insurance program work?

The policy is written through a Risk Purchasing Group (RPG), which provides each insured with their own dedicated limits. In addition, your policy will not have a deductible on the liability coverage. The policy provides general commercial and product liability coverage for your food vending business, and it includes inland marine coverage for your business's personal property. Building coverage is not included but can be purchased at an additional cost.

When will my insurance become effective?

Immediately upon receipt of payment. You get your insurance certificate right away.

Do I qualify for the insurance if my business is located in a country other than the United States?

This program offers coverage for businesses that are located in the contiguous 48 United States, and in Alaska and Hawaii. It does not offer coverage for businesses located in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John). It does not offer coverage for businesses located in Canada or any other country other than the United States.

Do I qualify for insurance if my business is in Canada?

How will I receive my certificate of insurance?

It will be emailed to you immediately after you purchase the policy.

What if I want to include Additional Insureds?

You can simply log into our insurance portal using your username and password and add Additional Insureds at any time on your own and then print out your new certificate. There is no additional charge for this service!

Can I join Indie Business Network and not get the insurance?

Yes. The insurance program is one of the benefits of Indie Business membership and is only offered to our members.

What if I just want the insurance? Do I still have to join Indie Business Network?

The insurance is a benefit of membership in Indie Business Network. Join us, and you'll see that we're much more than an insurance portal!

Is product liability insurance included with my Indie Business Network membership?

No. Product liability insurance is a member benefit. Membership in Indie Business Network is $227/year. Insurance is priced separately as described above, depending on whether you purchase $1M or $2M in coverage. Once you join Indie Business Network or renew your membership, paying your membership dues, you will receive a link to get your product liability insurance.

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

Most questions about the product liability insurance coverage are answered here. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at