Happy National Entrepreneurs' Day!

In a November 15, 2010, President Proclamation, President Barack Obama declared today National Entrepreneurship Day, declared today National Entrepreneurs' Day, and declared National Entrepreneurship Week November 14 to November 20. It's interesting that the proclamation was issued on November 15, the day after the start of National Entrepreneurship Week. I thought the timing was a bit odd in that the proclamation was issued the day after the state of the proclamational week.

In any event, I'm thrilled to see our nation's chief elected official take notice of entrepreneurs in this way. I'm very interested to watch tomorrow's weekly address to see if Obama elaborates on the proclamation. In the meantime, I'd like to share a bit of commentary on some of the quotes contained in it.

  1. “My Administration has taken decisive action to accelerate growth and remove barriers for entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow, hire, and prosper.” The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act was a good step. In fact, one of my members received a $10,000 loan as a restult of the new law. (More about that news here.)

    It's important to point out, however, that removal of barriers is more than just making funds available. It's also removing unnecessary, cumbersome, duplicative, and burdensome legislation that creates needless barriers to entering into a market. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is a great example of a law that unnecessarily burdens small business owners. HR 5786: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010, as drafted, poses the same types of dangers.

    As we look to a new year, I hope the administration ensures that any new laws do not burden our nation's smallest businesses.
  2. “The National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is collecting input from across the United States to recommend policies that will bolster our economic growth and lead to sustainable, well-paying American jobs.” The point I'd like to make here is that a growing number of Americans are creating their own jobs by starting their own business. In other words, there's a new type of small business owners, called consumer-business owners, and their businesses are their jobs. Since many of these new business leaders cannot find a traditional job, they have created their own.

    I hope the administration begins to see these tenacious, innovative people as worthy of protection from unnecessary regulation, so they can keep the “jobs” they created via their businesses.

  3. “All Americans can play a role in increasing the prevalence and success of new start-ups.” This paragraph specifically points out what universities, mentors and philanthropists can do to encourage small business ownership. I'd also like to also see it include proactive efforts to encourage consumers to do business with micro-businesses, and to enlighten them about the benefits of doing so.

    Why not have a National Farmer's Market Week where consumers are encouraged to buy freshly made fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and confections from farmer's markets?

    How about a National Online Micro-Business Week where people are reminded of the importance of supporting small and family companies that sell the items they make online? American Express recently announced “Small Business Saturday” on November 27, to support small retail stores nationwide. “Cyber Monday” is known to be the biggest online shopping day of the year.

    Neither Small Business Saturday no Cyber Monday was created and sanctioned by the government. I'd like to see the administration create “weeks” not just for “entrepreneurs” in general, but for specific types of entrepreneurs. In this way, the public can be encouraged to understand that small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. I'd like to see an educational component added, where small business leaders offer classes and workshops to help people in their communities launch and manage a small and family business.

You can read the entire Presidential Proclamation here. You can learn more about Small Business Saturday here. Get more information about Cyber Monday here.

As an entrepreneur, I take pride in offering products and services that enhance people lives while also generating a fair profit that allows my business to grow as I also provide for myself and my family. We employ ourselves and my assistant, Sophia President, and we hope to hire more people in the coming months. Our business is growing, and we recently leased office space in uptown Charlotte.

We are in the process of launching INDIEgu, a new social commerce website that will use a live online shopping show format to sell products made by small and artisan business owners nationwide. Like so many of you reading this post, I am enjoying my life, helping others, improving my community, and setting a good example for my children, especially as they grow up into a world that will have offer fewer and fewer traditional job opportunities.

This day, this week, and this new Presidential Proclamation is for you. I celebrate you today, and wish you continued success as you pursue the business and the lifestyle of your dreams. Let's continue to make it happen together!

Question: What do you think of the new Presidential Proclamation? Would you add anything? How can the proclamation be turned into action that makes a tangible difference?

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