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IBN Can Help You Enjoy Your Life As You Grow Your Business

“Jump from $750 to $10,000 without doing any more work!”
“Making it BIG online”
“The secret energy of money!”

These are actual headlines from blog posts and email messages I have seen recently. Ugh! Enough already!

If you're like me, while headlines like these have a bit of appeal, at the end of the day, they make you gag. Not because you don't like money, and not because you don't want to make more of it through your business. They make you gag because it's the same old thing, as if there's some secret energy you can get that will work for you and a million other people.

You see, the people send out messages like these are implying that you can make more money by using their special secret, or by not doing more work. That's poppycock! And frankly, I think you are seeing more of it because people are just desperate to make more money and luring you in to help them do it, or they are just greedy, trying to do what they're saying — make more money by doing less work — and using you to do it.

That's not what IBN is about. Yes, you will see member calls and webinars to help you sell more products and make more money, but not without also considering your goal to enjoy your life.

If your goal is to make six figures in your business, no matter what, then IBN is not for you.

If your goal is to make a healthy income in your business, as you also enjoy your life, have fun and develop yourself personally, then IBN is for you.

You're at the right place — we can help with that.

But let's get acquainted first.

Meet the Indie Business Family Family

Do you want to develop yourself personally so you can make a success of whatever you do? Do you want to build your income without losing sight of the importance of things like family, fun, and meaningful personal relationships? Do you want to get more out of life, using your business to do it — as opposed to using your life up to build a business just so you can make a million dollars every year? Do you want to build and life and a business, without compromising either? I hope you said yes. This is what IBN's founder and her team can help you do. Let's do it, together.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson

Darryl Johnson

Lydia Fiedler

Lauren Reimer

Online Calls, Webinars, Business Training, and Personal Development

With 24/7 access, video demonstrations, audio files, print tutorials, transcripts, private support forums and monthly Q&A meetings, IBN brings you multi-media mentoring and coaching on many topics of traditional food: from the fundamentals to sourdough, to cultured dairy and basic cheese, to lacto-fermentation. (We also offer eBooks and real food menu plans, separately.)

The lessons favor simple foods, simple flavors, and simple techniques. God’s foods are not highly complicated. However, they are — thankfully! — highly nutritious and highly tasty.

When you’re done watching, listening to, and reading each lesson’s simple yet comprehensive multi-media materials, you’ll know, as we do, that you can achieve delicious, healthy food, too! Sign up here or get more info here.
Let's Transform Your Kitchen

The goal of all of this? Whether you're browsing the recipes, articles and videos on the blog or you're a member of the eCourse, we're here to help you transform your kitchen with delicious and tasty real foods.

We can't wait to work with you!