Live Virtual + Physical Events

At the Indie Business Network, we believe:

• entrepreneurs are empowered and emboldened when they gather together
• businesses grow when their leaders grow within a positive an supportive community
• face-to-face energy is best, where possible
• personal development matters, because your business will never outgrow you

Our events help you achieve in every area of life and business. Some are open to all while. Others are members only.  Join here!


July 31, 2024

This event is IBN MEMBERS ONLY!


May 2025

This event is open to all
Details coming soon!

Member Events

Our digital events are recorded for your convenience, and you can view them anytime 24/7 in the exclusive member area and inside our Facebook Community.

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Need additional support? Feeling lonely and overwhelmed?

All entrepreneurs feel this way sometimes. That's why it's critical that you carve out space for yourself inside a focused community with like-minded people who are maximizing their potential through creative entrepreneurship. Indie Business Network is a place where you can step into something new, improve something old, ask for and receive reliable advice, and gain the confidence and leadership skills needed to press forward toward your best self. It's all right here, and we are ready for you!