Q1 2022 Registration
opening soon!




Q1 2022 Registration
opening soon!

Hosted by attorney, author, certified entrepreneur mentor,
award-winning entrepreneur, and IBN's founder: Donna Maria

Need a steady stream of new ideas and inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing?
We've got weekly masterminding to keep you motivated and on fire to innovate your way to success

Tired of seeing your ideas fall by the wayside because you don't have anyone to help you clarify and nail down your plans?

Our in-depth planning sessions ensure you have clear goals and make meaningful progress

Need a clear path to guide you from where you are to where you want to be?
Donna Maria's Indie Method is the sequential Success Path to the business you want to lead


You're in the right place if you are looking for increased clarity, focus, results and fun!

  • Set and achieve clear and specific goals
  • Celebrate wins and weekly progress with supportive and like-minded peers
  • Take and track action-oriented steps toward your goals
  • Leverage the collective energy, focus and brain power of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Fun business planning sessions and the accountability you need to stay on track




At Maker Mastermind LIVE, you’ll join like-minded creative entrepreneurs for a full day of masterminding your life and your business. The next Maker Mastermind LIVE will be announced soon.
Due to COVID-19, Maker Mastermind LIVE is currently virtual only.

We hope that will change soon. Meanwhile, enjoy photos from past events by clicking on cities below..

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LIVE Weekly Masterminding

You don't have to be in business long to know that monthly mastermind meetings are not enough. Your entire business plan can (and sometimes should) change in a month. We meet weekly so you are always on point.

Private Forum

Our private online community provides a respite from the endless virtual chatter that can clutter up your day. Enjoy our curated focus playlists as you get work done.

A Trusted Community

Along with Donna Maria, your mastermind community members will become your trustworthy virtual board of directors, helping you make the tough calls that build confidence, sharpen your leadership skills, and help you go further faster.

LIVE Maker Mastermind Event

Maker Mastermind LIVE puts a bow on your virtual experience by bringing you together physically with your mastermind partners. You'll form lifelong friendships as everyone collectively takes their life and their business to the next level. (Returning soon!)

Increase Your Income

You'll clarify and set specific financial goals, and be empowered to press toward them. When the going gets tough, Donna Maria and your mastermind partners will help you take the steps that keep the needle moving up and to the right.

Leadership + Personal Development

A strong business needs a strong leader. Your business will never outgrow your ability to lea it well. That's why Maker Mastermind focuses on training you to develop yourself personally as you evolve your business. You'll get more done in less time as you continue to improve yourself … mind, body, and spirit.

Co-Working and Copywriting

A monthly virtual Co-Working and Copywriting Day, where we crank out the content that is so vital to the success of our businesses and work with a professional copywriter to create copy that sells on social media, at your website, and in printed materials.

LIVE Coaching

Maker Mastermind is not about pre-recorded videos and webinars, and a bunch of DIY on demand content that you have to sort through on your own. We are live and we are in the trenches with you. At Maker Mastermind, you are never alone.

Led by Certified Entrepreneur Mentor and IBN founder Donna Maria, Maker Mastermind is a community of similarly situated, like-minded Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs who gather quarterly to address and solve their biggest business challenges, and celebrate success together. In Maker Mastermind, everyone is both coach and client, and everyone brings their A-game. When your cohort meets, an invisible “master mind” is in your midst to help you identify and pursue new opportunities, and facilitate transformative strategies. Maker Mastermind will help you accomplish more — together.

No. Maker Mastermind is only open to Indie Business Network members. If you are interested in joining, click here.

Yes! In fact, we curate a group each quarter that is specifically for Makers who are in the Emerge + Engage phase of business. If you are newer to business (generally 5 years or less), Maker Mastermind will save you thousands in terms of money and productivity just by helping you clarify your goals and stay on track as you pursue and achieve them.

Absolutely! We know that not everyone is good at articulating goals on their own. Sometimes, all you need is a mentor and a team of supporters to flesh out your ideas! Your Maker Mastermind Mentor will help you articulate exactly what you want to achieve in your business, so you can identify the activities and create the systems that lead to success.

Maker Mastermind is for you if you:

• want to experience radical transformation in terms of your daily productivity, and how it leads to the achievement of your goals

• desire to build a solid and ongoing entrepreneurial platform that delivers multiple income streams

• want to develop your leadership skills so you can expand your sphere of influence, inside and outside of your business

• are open to learning from others, as you create and follow your own unique journey

• would like to distill your annual goals into daily priorities that actually propel you and your business forward

• are committed to doing the work required to focus on high impact activities that lead to high impact results

And if it's not for you, you'll know that pretty quickly, and you can cancel at any time!

You can book a discovery session with Donna Maria and find out for sure at this link. In general, Maker Mastermind is definitely not for you if you:

• have a “build it and they will come” attitude
• are not serious about your business, and are unwilling to put in significant work to make it successful
• lack belief in yourself, your ideas, and the greatness within you
• are looking for someone to tell you *exactly* what to do, instead of creating your own path
• have a “done for you” or “easy” or “results in no time!” approach to entrepreneurship
• are closed-minded or resistant to embrace new ideas that may scare you a bit at first

Maker Mastermind is composed mainly of entrepreneurs who make the products they sell, and the issues and challenges they face tend to be unique to people who sell products. Some of the more advanced entrepreneurs we serve have expanded their product businesses to add complementary. If you are doing this, we will make sure your are placed in a group where others are doing the same.

You will maximize to chances that you will reach your business goals through peer-to-peer support and coaching and mentoring from your Maker Mastermind Mentor. Here is what you can look forward to:

• Weekly meetings remind you to celebrate and reward your successes

• Training to help you develop the leadership skills you need to influence people to buy your products and grow your team

• Monthly Co-Working and Content Days help you tackle your technology nightmares, from websites to social media to plugins

• A private networking and discussion community

• Periodic sales training with a focus on generating recurring revenue through community building, memberships and subscriptions

These and other tools described above on this page allow us to easily share ideas, successes, resources, and questions at all times during your Maker Mastermind experience.

To register Maker Mastermind Business, click here.

The current price is $49 per month.

The time commitment is up to you, but to get the most out of the program, we encourage you to block time out on your calendar every week. We meet on Thursdays between 12pm ET and 2pm ET.

We meet on Thursdays between 12pm ET and 2pm ET.. Meetings are recorded for you in case you miss any, but the truth is that you will make far more progress if you attend live. You get out what you put in.

There are no cancellations in the middle of a quarter. Other than that, you can cancel at any time. To cancel, email us in advance of your next monthly payment at

No. However, we believe that you'll make more consistent progress toward your goals when you are paired with other entrepreneurs who are similarly situated to you in terms of entrepreneurial and life experience, and business income level. For example, if you have not yet moved your business from the basic Emerge stage, we will not place you in a cohort with people who are in the Evolve stage of entrepreneurship because you are launching and they are scaling.

Our focus is on American Makers, so our program is only open to Indie Business Network members in the United States and Canada.

No. Maker Mastermind is open to and can benefit any type of business. Your curated cohort will have people from different types of businesses. This will benefit you because you'll be able to mastermind with and learn from within and outside your industry.

We love your questions! Get them all answered by emailing (Email is generally not answered on weekends.)