Hosted by attorney, author, business mentor,
award-winning entrepreneur, and IBN's founder: Donna Maria

Weekly masterminding keeps you focused on goals and priorities

Quarterly planning sessions ensure clear goals and meaningful progress

Donna Maria's Indie Method: Emerge > Engage > Evolve > Expand


You're in the right place if you are looking for increased clarify, focus, results and fun!

At Maker Mastermind,™ you'll finally stop spinning your wheels. Through weekly mastermind meetings and quarterly planning sessions, you'll leverage the collective energy, focus and brain power of like-minded entrepreneurs to set clear goals, strategize and mastermind your next steps, share resources, and take the specific actions you need to get the results you want in your life and in your business.

At Maker Mastermind™, you meet weekly with Mastermind Mentor, and other like-minded entrepreneurs who are driven to make money and to make a difference. The program provides you with the structured guidance and support you need to help you make daily, weekly, and monthly progress toward your life and business goals.



Entrepreneurship is very rewarding. You'll celebrate the victories, and during the tough times, you'll shed a few tears. Either way, at Maker Mastermind, you will not do either of those things alone.

At Maker Mastermind, you'll be embraced by a sisterhood of support and priceless resources that deliver the confidence that can only come with a tribe of women who love you and have your back.

Everyone says “the hustle is real,” but you want more than hustle. You want a business that delivers a certain lifestyle, and endless hustling is not what you have in mind.

AND YOU KNOW it's possible! You CAN have the lifestyle *and* the business of your dreams, and Donna Maria is here to help you make that happen.

20 years ago, she felt much like you do … great ideas, but lacking in confidence and full of fear.

Today, not only is her lifestyle and business thriving, but she's created the Maker Mastermind so you too can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that makes leading a small business more pleasure and less hustle.



At Maker Mastermind LIVE, you’ll join like-minded creative entrepreneurs for a full day of masterminding your life and your business.
Due to COVID-19, Maker Mastermind LIVE is virtual: September 14-18, 2020.

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LIVE Weekly Masterminding

You don't have to be in business long to know that monthly mastermind meetings are not enough. Your entire business plan can (and sometimes should) change in a month. We meet weekly so you are always on point.

Private Distraction-Free Forum

Our private, distraction free online community provides a respite from the endless virtual chatter that can clutter up your day. Enjoy our curated focus playlists as you get work done.

A Private Podcast

Our private Make • Market • Monetize Podcast, exclusively for Maker Mastermind clients, provides the inspiration and motivation you need to carry the water across the finish line every week.

Weekly Progress + Planning Parties

Weekly Progress + Accountability meetings align your actions with your goals to ensure that you make progress and have celebratory wins every single week.

Goal Setting + Accountability

Stop being busy, and just do only the things that truly matter most. Our goal setting and tracking resources, plus accountability, ensure that you keep your eyes on the prize.

Productivity Printables

Bring all your questions, and take lots of notes – You’ll have access to immense brainpower, ready to answer your questions and grow your business in our twice-weekly live coaching sessions.

A Trusted Community

Along with Donna Maria, your mastermind community members will become your trustworthy virtual board of directors, helping you make the tough calls that build confidence, sharpen your leadership skills, and help you go further faster.

Annual LIVE Mastermind Event

Maker Mastermind LIVE puts a bow on your virtual experience by bringing you together in a room with your mastermind partners. You'll form lifelong friendships and everyone collectively takes their life and their business to the next level.

Increase Your Income

You'll clarify and set specific financial goals, and be empowered to press toward them. When the going gets tough, Donna Maria and your mastermind partners will help you take the steps that keep the needle moving up and to the right.

Personal Development

A strong business needs a strong leader. Our signature “productivity sprints” and a lively book club make it easy and fun for you to develop yourself personally as you evolve your business. You'll get more done in less time as you continue to improve yourself … mind, body, and spirit.

Technology Assistance

Join us for our monthly virtual Technology Day, where we blow through all of the bells and whistles that can bog you down. You'll make technology your friend, and learn how to use it efficiently to gain leverage and boost sales in ways you never imagined.

LIVE Coaching

Maker Mastermind is not about pre-recorded videos and webinars, and a bunch of DIY on demand content that you have to sort through on your own. We are live and we are in the trenches with you. At Maker Mastermind, you are never alone.