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Makers on the Move (Episode 5: June 2017)

The members of the Indie Business Network are like a sun that never sets. They shine their lights from all corners of the nation, offering amazing products and making sure you know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Last week, we shared wins from members in Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan. If you missed them, you can catch … [Read More]

Maker Mastermind Live Recap: June 2017: Boston

To register or request Maker Mastermind Live in your city, click here. Masker Mastermind Live: Boston was inspiring and amazing! Attendees from Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Kansas, Maine and Rhode Island gathered for two days of Masterminding, goal setting, business planning, Maker shopping, and fun. For those who don't … [Read More]

Makers on the Move (Episode 4: June 2017)

The good news just keeps coming from our Indie Business Network members. Last week, we shared wins from members in Florida, New Hampshire, and California. If you missed them, you can catch them here. This week, we bring you excitement from Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan. You will love being inspired by the smart moves our members are … [Read More]

Meet Our Summer 2017 Interns

I am thrilled to introduce the Indie Business Network Summer 2017 interns, my children: Vanessa Johnson and Brooks Johnson. Before I do so, let me first ask your indulgence because you will probably see this post about a million times over the next few days. As you know, I do not beat people over the head with my blog posts, but I hope you'll … [Read More]

Makers on the Move (Episode 3: June 2017)

Our members are always on the move. There is no grass growing under their feet. They are not sitting around wondering what effect Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods will have on their business because it doesn't matter. They have a plan, and they are executing it, regardless of what any other companies (large or small) are doing. It is my pleasure to … [Read More]