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Indie Business Radio Show On Hiatus

The Indie Business Radio Show will be back on June 25 with Jen Blackert, the Small Business Marketing & Success Coach. In the meantime, please visit the show Archives to enjoy downloads and streams of other great shows. … [Read More]

Romancing The Wi-Fi

As a full fledged Indie business owner, these days, I don't choose a coffee shop based on the food and beverages it serves. I choose it based on the following cirteria: 1. Do they offer free Wi-Fi for customers?2. Do they have enough electrical outlets in the walls so I can compete with everyone else who needs to plug in their laptop?3. Do they … [Read More]

Banana Rose Facial Mask For Dry Skin

I love banana bread but sometimes I have ripe bananas but no walnuts or flour to make bread. When this happens, I make facial mask! I found this picture from a few years ago when my daughter and I made Banana Rose Facial Mask so I thought I'd share the pic and the recipe with you. We used Rhassoul clay from Indie Beauty Network member Essential … [Read More]

Don't Forget Father's Day!

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" ~ Lydia M. Child I knew it was coming, but it's sneaking up on me like never before this year. Father's Day is right around the corner, on June 17! Don't settle for the tired old soap on a rope or a dust gathering neck tie this year. Instead, here's the tip: Remind … [Read More]

Family Second, Yet Still First

Yesterday's post was about putting family first by keeping your heart in your home, even when it is not there physically. Yesterday while I was working at Panera (my office away from home), I talked with a mother of two small children who teaches 1st grade. She shared her anxiety about not having it "all together" and her guilt about not … [Read More]