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The Entrepreneurial Imperative

The feds don't do much to help today's family make ends meet and find that elusive thing called work/life balance. But how much do we expect them to do? This morning, a Good Morning America segment reported that the Workforce Protection Subcommittee today takes up the topic of work/life balance, focusing on families where one or both parents … [Read More]

WHOLE: 12 Principles For Rebuilding Life After Breast Cancer

I am celebrating today because my friend Jacci Thompson-Dodd's new book, Whole: Women Healing Ourselves With Loving Energy: 12 Principles For Rebuilding Life After Breast Cancer, is finally available! Jacci is a wife, mother and health care professional whose career has focused on implementing programs to serve the African American community. She … [Read More]

Eye Spy With My Little Eye: Anything, Anything At All!

40 is the new 20, which makes me 24. While I am The New 24, my eyes are painfully unaware of the latest sociological perspectives. So my dear friend and fellow Indie Business owner Kevin told me I needed some reading glasses. He had a pair with green frames, and they looked pretty hip so I tried them on and then picked up a copy of a nearby … [Read More]

Bath By Chocolate

Chocolate is not just for eating. If you don't believe me, try Rendezvous' Chocolate Soap made with real chocolate. When it arrived in the mail, I had a hard time not biting into it. Rendezvous owners Erik and Karen Burgess are a husband and wife team who are raising two kids while making all kinds of decadent indulgences. (Read more about … [Read More]

Everyone Loves A Story. What's Yours?

In 5 Reasons To Be Indie, I listed 5 reasons why being Indie is so great: Income, Newsworthy, Destiny, Independence, Equity. Being Newsworthy is all about creating a "buzz" about what you are selling as you simultaneously pursue your passions, help others and support yourself and your family. To create this buzz, you have to have a story … [Read More]