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The Value of Vision

Vision is an essential element of any business. If you do not have a vision for what your business will become, you cannot wisely choose which steps to take to achieve anything. This short clip represents the first steps toward implementation of an expanded vision for Indie Business Media.That was the first show introduction my husband (and … [Read More]

Summer Facial Mask

When I'm not working on all things Indie, I can sometimes be found using stuff in our fridge to make natural cosmetics. My daughter and I whipped up Summer Facial Mask with ingredients we had on hand and some green clay from Indie Beauty Network member From Nature With Love. It's best for oily skin, which mine is, and will leave your skin refreshed … [Read More]

Purely Enchanting: Combining Family & Business

The dictionary defines enchantment as a magical spell, and that's what Debbie and Bill Brink of Pure Enchantment in Rocky River, Ohio cast on me when I finally met them in person at the Conference of Handcrafted Soapmakers earlier this month. (See more conference photos here.) The couple launched Pure Enchantment in 2003 after discovering the … [Read More]

I Love Picnik!

While I run my business almost entirely online, I am surprisingly awful with computers. I am particularly terrible at using traditional software programs like PhotoShop to edit and load clear, quality images to my websites and blog without pulling out all of my hair (or what's left of it since I whacked it off earlier this month.) Enter Kim … [Read More]

I Hope You Enjoy Memorial Day!

I am of two minds about celebrating Memorial Day because it is so difficult to see so many suffer for reasons that I do not personally embrace. God bless those who have served and are serving. … [Read More]