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I Cut My Hair

I have always liked my hair. It's a little on the frizzy side in this picture, but it was taken while I was moving last week. My hair is soft, naturally curly, grows quickly and is long enough to throw up a French braid or pony tail and be out the door in no time. And my husband likes it a lot. Over the past few years, silver hairs have started to … [Read More]

Conference Photos!

Here are some pictures from the Conference of Handcrafted Soap Makers held earlier this month. As you can see, I was like the paparazzi flitting around from one Indie to another meeting, greeting and photo-opping. Will post more photos later. L. dM and Brenda Sievers of Oak Court Creations. Brenda sells soap, candle and cosmetic making … [Read More]

A Word To The Wordy

As a former full-time attorney, I have several dysfunctions. Apparently, one of them is using 50 words when I only need 28. I was delighted when Marcia Yudkin (pictured) responded to my request for tips on brevity by describing my writing as "strong but repetitive". She then published "Shorter: Say It In Fewer Words," 40 pages … [Read More]

From Sea To Shining Sea

Please join me in welcoming several Indies to the ever-expanding Indie Beauty Network family. It never ceases to amaze me what a blessing it is to connect so many like-minded people from across the nation. Stop by their websites to pick up your favorite Indie beauty treats, and while you're there, let them know you heard about them through the … [Read More]

jblossom Plants Positive Seeds For Little Girls

I love it when I see an Indie stretching to take full advantage of her God-given talents and gifts to have fun and make a living. When I think of all that my friend Jamila White is doing, I sometimes think she must be the first cloned human. Not only is she the "E-Commerce Diva" and owner of her own e-commerce consulting company, but she … [Read More]