Have you been searching for a virtual Mastermind group, but you cannot find one that fits your schedule and your budget? Or maybe you found one that is affordable and fits your calendar, but the leader doesn't “get” you or you business? If you see yourself in either of those situations, then Donna Maria's Virtual Pp Up Mastermind Group is for you. Watch the quick video below for more information about this NO RISK opportunity to grow your business on your own terms, and then sign up below!

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Is it time to make some changes in your life and your business, but you're kind of stuck and not sure how to begin the process? Are you dissatisfied with how things are going in your business, and in need of a mentor who can provide wise advise and challenge you to press forward Do you want personalized mentoring and support without breaking the bank?

Do you see any of yourself in the situations described here?

• Your business is percolating along, but you want to spice things up with new revenue streams
• You have a great product, but need a strategy to make make it stand out in a crowded market place
• You have a business you love, but need help making it profitable
• Your basic business platform is in place, but something is holding you back from taking it to the next level
• You need to bounce your ideas off of a business owner with in-depth entrepreneurial experience
• You love your business, but you are burnt out and need someone to help you streamline things
• You have a blog and you need a kick to get and keep it going so you can attract search engines and new customers
• You just want the unwavering support and input of an entrepreneur who has been where you are, and can provide wise, business savvy advice

Sometimes you just need to ask THE question you have, right when you have it, and get it settled quickly, without having to wait for someone to get around to responding to you in a group forum or whatever. Since you are busy, you don't have time to  you’re pressed for time. It’s hard to find the time to make a regularly scheduled group call, or travel to a live event on a certain date. Plus, when you get home, you’re so busy catching up that you don’t implement what you learned anyway! I’ve heard many self-employed people say “I’m not going to invest in another virtual group call, I never make them anyway.”  Sound familiar?

I’ve designed my coaching by e-mail program so that you can have me, every single day, Monday through Thursday, helping you with whatever is bothering you in your business or in your life.  One-on-one, personal answers for you, answered by me, individually.  Let me say again that this is personalized, 100%, you and me.  No one else answers the questions for me – I read your question and I answer it, myself. Any day that you need it, Monday through Thursday.
Here’s how e-mail coaching works:

1.  When you check out, you’ll receive a private e-mail address from me. I’ll also personally e-mail you from that private address to make sure you’ve gotten it. You can respond with the e-mail address you want your answers sent to.

2.  You can send me your first message. I want to get a snapshot of where you are in your business, so be sure to answer these questions:

What is your business and your website address?
Are you starting from scratch, or are you already established?
What do you think  you need the most right now?
What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 weeks?
What is your first question for me?

3.  Every day, Monday through Thursday, you’ll receive an e-mail from me answering your latest e-mail. If your question is in my e-mail box before 8:00 AM Central Time Monday through Thursday, you’ll get an answer that very day. If not, I’ll answer you the next day. My answers will almost always come to you before noon each day, Monday through Thursday. You can ask a question any day you have one – once a week, 4 times a week, every other week – it’s totally up to you.  Every time, I’ll answer you. It’s a customized, personalized, coaching by e-mail program designed to give you the support you need to build the life and business you want. You can send me a question any time of day – if it’s after 8:00 AM Central Time you’ll get an answer the next day. Before 8:00 AM, you’ll get an answer the same day, Monday through Thursday. You can post a question the night before for the next day if you wish.

4.  I will answer questions about anything to do with life as a small business owner.  I will look at a few pages of copy for you and give you my suggestions.  I’ll send you resources that I know of and introduce you to friends who might be good business partners for you if the situation comes up.  I’ll review a website page.  I’ll help you with titles for programs and products.  I’ll give you my best suggestions about handling friends and family who don’t get your business.  I’ll help end your confusion about a particular topic.  You can attach a file to your e-mail with something you want to ask a question about at any time. Pretty much, I’ll answer what you ask and give you my years of experience and top-notch training in my answers.

E-mail coaching program terms:

1. Only one post per day. Each day, Monday through Thursday, you may post ONE question for me to answer. If you ask more than one question, then I’ll only respond to the first one. The goal is to move you forward as quickly as possible, not to bog you down. If you miss a day, you cannot make it up with two questions the next day. The point here is to keep you focused on one thing at a time.

2. Holidays and weekends are idle days. We will take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We’ll take off  major holidays like Easter, July Fourth, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

3. We don’t have a set “curriculum” that we’re going to work through, we’ll start with your most pressing need and go from there. It’s the best way I know of to make certain you get the kind of information and specialized assistance that can best help you. You ask any questions you want.  If I have checklists or templates or worksheets that would help you, I’ll send them right to you.  But you get to set the topics, not work through a program I think you need.

4. I’m am not a techie person, so please don’t ask me the inner workings of how to set up a website.  I can help you with what to put ON the website, but not how to build it.  (I can tell you good people who can build it for you, though.)

5. If I see a question that is too broad for one answer, I’ll reply to you and ask you to break it down. Here’s a too-broad question:  “Sue, can you please send me a complete marketing plan for my business ” We have to keep it realistic.  I’ll be glad to help you build a marketing plan step by step, though!

6. You can work at your own pace. I’ll give you an answer, and you can implement that answer right then, or over the course of a week – it’s up to you. The point is to keep focused but work into your own time frame  This program is designed with you in mind … work at a pace that keeps you supported, focused, and not overwhelmed. I’ve had people ask me one question each week and get what they want.  I’ve had people who never miss a day.  It’s completely up to you!  You can write the questions when you have them and line them up every day for a solid week.  It’s there when you need it, no call deadlines to meet.

7.  E-coaching is for a 12 week (roughly three month) period of time.  You are welcome to renew again, or set up a 24 week (roughly 6 month) e-coaching program if you prefer, which provides a savings to you, too.

So, are you ready to begin?

I’ve got 8 open spots right now for coaching with me.  Are you ready to begin?  You’ve got a personal coach waiting to answer your questions about momentum, confidence, and business.  I’m here, ready and willing to help you. Are you ready to get it going?  We can begin today!

Let’s get your business and your life the way you want it. You can start doing what you’ve been thinking about right now. Ready to get started?  Sign up below and we can begin.  Personalized, one-on-one coaching with me, a seasoned, experienced business owner, for $1150, for 12 weeks (roughly 3 months).  Want more?  You can get 24 weeks (roughly 6 months) for $2300, an even better deal.Letter goes here