Recently, several news outlets including the Los Angeles Times reported that books focused on mental and emotional well-being are outselling books on previously popular topics like exercise and dieting. Since you — IBN members — are the experts at influencing people to embrace self-care, we are excited to present this opportunity for you, your brand, and your self-care recipe to be featured in our new book: Essential Self-Care: The Modern Woman's Guide to At-Home Beauty Rituals and Well-Being.

Our new book will guide the reader through ways to customize their own at-home beauty, self-care, and wellness routines using ingredients and resources they have at home or can easily order online. Examples include:

• a personalized facial mask to complement your skin type

• a botanical foot soak to relax tired feet

• a hair conditioner designed to protect, nourish, and moisturize dry hair

• an aromatherapy gel blend to help relieve tension and stress

• a candle to light the bathroom during your weekly nighttime bathing ritual

• an herbal tea blend to calm anxiety and relieve a restless mind

• a spray facial toner to comfort and hydrate the skin

The Essential Self-Care Book will provide the inspiration readers need to be empowered to transform their lives, one small at-home beauty and lifestyle ritual at a time.

Apply to be Included NOW!

To apply to be included, you must be an annual dues paying member of IBN. (If you are not, join here.) Submit your information below. Please only submit recipes that you have tried and know work for their intended application. If your recipe is selected, you will be notified via the email you provide, and asked to sign a release so we can use your recipe in the book. (There are no costs associated with this opportunity for IBN members!)

If you have any questions, please post the in the comments and we will reply there. We are excited to receive your submissions.