Welcome to the #IndieCruise Retreat 2018 Registration Page!

Our next retreat is: Sunday, January 15 – Friday, January 20, 2017

Read this important update: Our BLOCK is officially SOLD OUT!! Stay tuned for an opportunity to join us on #IndieCruise 2018!

The theme for #IndieCruise 2018 is Refresh • Refine • Results!

If you have not already read about our theme for #IndieCruise 2018, you can do that here.

Get ready for 5 days of Masterminding and excursions in the paradise that is Punta Cana with Creative Entrepreneurs from across the nation! Watch this video sharing some of the fun we had on #IndieCruise 2016, to see some of what's in store for you!

Your All-Inclusive Time in Paradise Includes:

1. Extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs speaking, teaching, and sharing on the topics that affect your business every day
2. All of your meals
3. Exclusive cocktail celebration party
4. All of your beverages (including alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks, excludes high call)
5. All of your non-motorized water sports, including snorkeling, trapeze and fitness events
6. Discount coupons for the spa and excursions
7. Masterminding in a supportive, exotic environment in paradise
8. Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the resort, including all dining areas and your room
9. Your very own Indie Business Planner, to help you chart your best year ever in 2017

Katie Rozner's #IndieCruise 2016 Experience

Anne-Marie Faiola's #IndieCruise 2016 Experience

Space is limited so once we run out, we run out! Our theme for #IndieCruise 2017 is Refresh ~ Refine ~ Results, and you need to be there!

Roslyne Johnson's #IndieCruise 2016 Experience

Andrea Evans's #IndieCruise 2016 Experience

Registration Form

(Before starting the registration form, make sure you scroll below to see the payment plan and deposit requirements at the bottom of the page. After you submit the registration form, a “thank you” page will appear with a link to the deposit form. You MUST submit that deposit form in order to reserve your spot on the waiting list!)

Jo Anne Richard's #IndieCruise 2016 Experience

Here are some pictures of your luxury accommodations!

Club Room - Family

Club Room

Club Room Near Zen Oasis

Club Room Near Zen Oasis

Deluxe Family Village Center

Deluxe Family Village Center

Zen Oasis - adult only

Zen Oasis – Adult Only

Ocean Front Family Suites

Ocean Front Family Suites

Roberta Perry's #IndieCruise 2016 Experience

Easy Payment Plan

Here is the deposit payment schedule:

Your deposit of 10% of your room price, plus a non-refundable $60 Club Med membership fee is due by Friday, March 11, 2016. (Your deposit includes trip insurance.)
Your first payment of 50% of your room price is due by Friday, June 24, 2016.
Your final payment is due by Friday, October 16, 2016.
Be sure to mark your calendar for these deadlines.

Deposit and Payment Schedule Example for a Club Room

Due March 11, 2016: 10% of $820.00 is $82.00 + $60.00 = $142.00
Due June 24, 2016: 50% of $820.00 is $410.00
Due October 16, 2016: Balance due of = $328.00

Cancellation Terms

If you cancel up to 91 days before the event (before October 16, 2016), you will receive a full refund minus the $60 Club Med membership fee.

Aerial Drone View

Check out this aerial video of the beautiful Club Med Punta Cana Resort!